Writing assignments

Here you can learn quotation techniques, find information about writing assignments and theses, and have a look at former main theses.

Technicalities (word count, spacing, outline, etc.) can be found on Canvas in the document “IBA guidelines for writing assignments and preparing project presentations”

See IBA guidelines for writing assignments and preparing project presentations

Search the library databases. 

Take a look at the FAQ.

Opening hours at the library:

The library is open when IBA is open.
The librarian is available. Look at Canvas.

Find us in room 4.07.

Book a librarian

You can always book a librarian if you need help with your assignment. Just send an email to bibeak@iba.dk, and write:

  • What your project is about
  • What you are looking for
  • Suggestions for a time and date when you are able to meet with the librarian.

Writing a thesis

The Study Metro

An academic study tool made by Aarhus University, which you can use when writing assignments and theses, searching for literature, doing teamwork, etc. The Study Metro contains valuable information within the following four areas:  studying, standards for academic papers, writing an academic paper, and sources in academic work.

Open access.

Access to The Study Metro.

Zotero and Referencing

Help to make your references

It is important to use good, reliable sources to back up your assignment or thesis, and to quote correctly. There are many standards when it comes to citation, but at the IBA you must use the Coventry University Harvard standard.

Zotero - a reference manager & PDF organizer

Zotero is a reference management programme free of charge, which makes it easy for you to refer to your sources. You can make reference lists and make a library for all your references including PDF-files. If you do an assignment or project with others, you can also make a group where you share your references.

Using Zotero, will help you to:

  • Stay on top of the literature that you use in your research and assignments.
  • Create correct in-text citations and complete bibliographies in your document.

Guides to Zotero

Stop plagiarism

When are you plagiarizing? Use this tutorial to learn more about plagiarism, and to test your quotation skills.

Harvard Reference Style - guides

Harvard Reference Style – Coventry University
Here you find a guide containing information on how to make references of different information sources.

Harvard Reference style – Leeds Beckett University
Quote, Unquote. A guide to Harvard referencing.
Logins are provided for students at IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding, who are following a programme from Leeds Beckett University.

Making a survey


SurveyXact is a professional tool for conducting surveys; it can help you collect, analyze, and present quantitative data

SurveyXact allows you to create questionnaires for a wide range of platforms, e.g. e-mails, paper, and smart phones. The system offers the choice between a variety of query types, including multiple choice, commentaries, and numeric scales. It also allows for the collation of data and export of results to PowerPoint, Excel etc.

Learn more about SurveyXact

Introduction Video

User Manual

Campus + remote access

Main theses

Get inspired

It can prove very helpful and inspiring to have a look at other students’ main theses. In that way, you can get ideas about the topic of your own thesis, as well as see how a main thesis might be organized. It may also be a good idea to take a look at the sources in the reference lists.

If you follow the links below, you can see examples of main theses written by IBA students. Just click the pdf icon and the full thesis will pop up, provided you’re signed in to Blackboard (if you’re not signed in to Blackboard, you will get a login prompt).

IBA main theses - in English

IBA main theses - in Danish

Main thesis from other higher education programmes in Denmark

Main theses - Copenhagen Business School
Access to main theses written by students from Copenhagen Business School. The theses are from different programmes such as bachelor, graduate, executive, master and diploma.