Myths and Facts about Innovation

We hear the word ‘innovation’ ever so often. Companies come along with new products all the time and they want us to buy them. As ordinary consumers we have our own opinions about what innovation is or what we perceive as an innovation, but what we indeed know is just the tip of an iceberg.

This webinar will ask you simple questions in an interactive way to reveal a big story under the innovation bubble. It will make use of case studies of novel products, companies, countries and statistical data to tap into complexities that shape the concept of innovation.

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The webinar will talk about:

  • What is innovation and why it does matter?
  • Do all innovations succeed?
  • How much do we spend on innovation and is it worth it?
  • Do copyrights prevent more innovations from happening?
  • Who are the biggest innovators in the world? And why?
  • Is an innovation always disruptive?

Esin Yoruk bionote

Esin is an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Business and Management at Coventry University since September 2015. She holds a PhD in Innovation Management and Science and Technology Policy from SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. Her research is focused on the fields of innovation studies and entrepreneurship. She teaches research methods and innovation management for MSc programmes at Coventry University.

Before joining Coventry University, she worked as a research fellow at UCL – University College London. She took part in two large scale EU FP7 Framework projects. These projects mainly focused on knowledge-based entrepreneurship and innovation concepts in the wider EU as well as the growth, innovativeness and cohesion of Central and Eastern Europe to the wider EU. She is currently leading her research project on exploring the role and characteristics of users in mass uptake of green technologies. She believes consumers, all of us, if fully informed about the content of technologies will be willing to adopt new innovative products in a sustained manner.

How to join

You participate online via your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's a good idea with headphones so you have good sound. You do not need webcam.

You will receive the link to the webinar by e-mail.


  • Lars Jespersen
    Lars Jespersen
    Team Manager / Senior Lecturer. Teaches strategy, management, marketing and innovation.