How to boost innovation in established companies

89% of all CEO’s acknowledge that innovation is strategically important, but seven out of ten are unsatisfied with the results delivering through innovation.

In this webinar we will discuss why innovation is important to any company and equally important, why so many established companies find it difficult to embed innovation into the organisational mindset and behaviour. Finally, we will discuss what companies can actually do to create more strategic, systematic and value creating approaches to innovation.

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Who should attend this webinar

This webinar is for all leaders and managers, who acknowledge the need for innovation, and are curious on how stronger innovation capabilities can be developed and sustained. You may have hands-on experience in working with innovation already, or you may be new to it, and wish to get quickly off the ground.

About the presenter

This webinar will be presented by Henrik Karlsen, who is partner at The Innovation Board. Henrik has more than 15 years experience in helping established and mature organisations building stronger innovation capabilities. Henrik holds an MBA from Henley Business School and it also a teacher on the part-time MBA program at IBA.

How to join

You participate online via your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's a good idea with headphones so you have good sound. You do not need webcam.

You will receive the link to the webinar by e-mail.