The MBA program has provided Søren with a unique network

The many engaging discussions and conversations in class, the interesting experiences from international classmates from various countries, and the friendships they have developed together are highlighted by 26-year-old Søren Joachim Bruun when explaining what he has gained from his latest education.

About Søren

Søren has completed the Master of Business Administration in General Management.

Prior to that, he pursued a BA (Hons) in International Business.

Both programs are offered by IBA International Business Academy in collaboration with Coventry University.

He has just graduated with the highest grade “Distinction” from the Master of Business Administration in General Management program offered by the IBA in collaboration with Coventry University. Behind Søren's top grades lies a deep appreciation for the network he has built with his fellow students.

- In this program, it's not the books and theories that have been the most important. No – it's been the diversity and the strong network I've gained with my classmates. We've discussed and gained so many international perspectives on various management topics. It's been incredibly exciting to hear the experiences they bring from leadership in their home countries, says Søren.

For example, he has developed a close friendship with Ali Behdarvand from Iran, with whom he collaborated closely during their studies. A friendship that Søren is confident will continue after graduation.

Søren wants to inspire others to entrepreneurship

If he were to give advice to future students, it would be to view every challenge as an opportunity, be willing to take risks, and not be afraid to dream big. He is passionate about the entrepreneurial environment and has started several businesses himself. In addition, he was awarded 'Entrepreneur of the Year 2018' in Kolding in 2018 with “Gro Lys” and “Micro Greens Danmark” - of which he is one of the co-founders.

- I want to inspire even more people to become entrepreneurs. And this education has given me some good management theories that I've been able to connect to my experiences as an entrepreneur, says Søren, who also mentions that he has started writing a book on entrepreneurship.

Despite his young age and extensive education, he has already been involved in starting three companies, been a partner in one, and assisted several other entrepreneurs. Something he is ready to do again.

- I have a hard time sitting still, so my entrepreneurial mind is constantly coming up with new ideas. I now dream of creating an international company that can take me around the world and bring about positive change, says Søren.