The IBA Entrepreneurship Award 2021

The Creative Annekathrine wins the IBA Entrepreneurship Award 2021

Annekathrine Wienberg has won the IBA Entrepreneurship Award 2021! The graduated web developer got notified of the honour at the online graduation earlier this year.

And now – albeit a bit later due to corona - she has been presented with her diploma and gift for her great effort, and not least her immense development.

Entrepreneurship at IBA

While studying at IBA you can get connected with a creative entrepreneurial environment where you can develop your ideas, create sustainable business models, and generate value for society.

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- At first, I didn’t know how to react, as we were sitting live at the graduation. Nonetheless, I became very happy. Because it must mean that I have done something right. And I have for sure developed personally, says Annekathrine smiling.

32-year-old Annekathrine has studied Multimedia Design and Web Development at IBA, and she spent the fall with an entrepreneurial internship. At IBA, students can choose to become an entrepreneur with their own business in their internship period. Here they can get to test out and develop their entrepreneurial competences while establishing and growing their business.

- I certainly evolved during this period. It was especially the whole thing about getting out of my comfort zone. One example is when we had to make a pitch in front of other people. I´m not entirely happy with speaking in front of a lot of people I don’t know. But it went well and helped me to further develop as a person, says Annekathrine.

She also landed her first customer in her internship period and made a new, good looking website for them.

Carina Hundevad Forssling, who is the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Coordinator at IBA, says that Annekathrine fully deserves the award.

- It has been great to see her dive headfirst into things and completely deliver on them. She didn´t let anyone stop her, she kept going, and she participated actively and made use of the opportunities that rose along the way, says Carina Hundevad Forssling.

Today, Annekathrine has graduated and is looking for a great job in which her creative ideas can unfold. And it is in particular webpage design and graphical tasks that excites her, which she by the way is really good at, too.

- I would like to have my own business at some point, but first I would like to get some experience from an exciting company, she says, and further elaborates that the internship period has helped her find out in which direction she must go.