Tamanna came to Denmark to get an international MBA

MBA student Tamanna is a qualified civil engineer from Bangladesh – but when she met her husband, she suddenly had the need for a more business-oriented education. Her new in-laws own a business selling belts, buttons, and various products made of tweed, and they really wanted her help to run it.

So, 27-year old Tamanna Shabnam Zareen started looking for a high-quality MBA qualification in Europe - and soon discovered the International Business Academy, Kolding, which offers the MBA study programme in collaboration with Coventry University in England.

Master of Business Administration in General Management

With this master’s degree in General Management you learn techniques that will improve your business results and make sure your company takes on a leading position in the market, leaving the competitors behind.

You learn about:

  • Strategy at a corporate and business level
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Human Resource.

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Picture of Tamanna

Tamanna has managed an attendance rate of 99% - only kept off a top score of 100% by DSB, who were running so late on one occasion that she couldn’t make it to IBA on time.

In September 2018, Tamanna and her husband moved to Denmark so she could begin her studies. Because her husband must take care of the business, the couple have settled down in Copenhagen – and so Tamanna has travelled back and forth to Kolding, for four whole teaching days per week.

Picture of Tamanna

Tamanna used the train journey between Copenhagen and Kolding to get some sleep, and would set her ‘phone to wake her up before arriving - that’s if her worried husband couldn’t call her, to make sure his travel-sick wife got off the train in the right city.

You might think Tamanna had a lot of time to study on the train, with all the travelling back and forth – but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case, since Tamanna tends to get very travel-sick. Although she always makes sure she finds a forward-facing seat on the IC4 train, she still has to stay away from screens and books unless she wants to end up feeling unwell.

- So I have studied at weekends, and on the one day per week when I don’t have teaching. And that has also been fine, smiles Tamanna, modestly, even though she earnt herself an MBA award with Merit.

Tamanna praises her teachers

For Tamanna, the pleasure of studying at IBA has been worth all those hours of travelling. She has nothing but good words to say about the many “lovely professors” who taught her. She praises her teachers at IBA especially for their great helpfulness, and for their generosity in giving extra help and guidance to their students.

This, she believes, has much to do with her finally picking up her fantastic MBA with Merit award, when she recently graduated at IBA.

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