Studying helped realize Tushar’s dream to travel

If you want to meet someone from abroad who really loves the Danish weather, just ask 26-year-old Tushar Kalra. The Indian, with his welcoming smile, is originally from the Punjab region, where the temperature can often make the days quite challenging.

“It can get really hot in Northern India. So I think the weather here in Denmark is lovely,” says Tushar, who during his time here has lived in both Copenhagen and Kolding.

Master of Business Administration in General Management

With this master’s degree in General Management you learn techniques that will improve your business results and make sure your company takes on a leading position in the market, leaving the competitors behind.

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  • Economics
  • Human Resource.

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Picture of Tushar

Tushar Kalra has completed an MBA in General Management, offered by IBA Kolding in collaboration with Coventry University.

The sun shines on Tushar even at our northern latitude, however, as he is very happy to have completed his Masters in General Management, offered by the International Business Academy, Kolding, in collaboration with Coventry University in England.

“At the moment I’m very focused on my career, and on getting off to a good start - and through this study programme I’ve gained a valuable tool, making it easy for me to work within many different types of company,” he says.

His background includes a law degree at Lincoln College of Law & Education, situated in his home region of the Punjab; and originally his plan was to open his own law firm. He chose an MBA with a focus on leadership and management to support this dream.

“I wanted my studies to have a business perspective,” he says.

Passionate about the healthy life

Even though his law firm is still a dream on the horizon, right now he is most enthusiastic about working in the fitness industry, which he’s already a part of.

Picture of Tushar

Course leader Peter Lei handed over the award, when Tushar Kalra attended the graduation ceremony at the International Business Academy, Kolding.

In the Punjab, he collaborates with his uncle on developing a fitness concept. Clients are offered training and nutrition programmes, and can follow online classes on Zoom, for example, which according to Tushar is quite common in India.

“Right now it is my passion to help people live a more healthy life. Most of the clients are from India, but many of them also live in other countries and follow my programme online,” he explains.

Although the fitness industry is very competitive, Tushar has faith that, with the help of his MBA, he can achieve the objectives he’s set himself for his career.

“If someone had asked me earlier what I wanted to do with my life, my answer would have been that I’d like to travel and experience other parts of the world. Back then, I didn’t have a penny to my name, either in my bank account or my pocket… but last year alone, I visited ten countries here in Europe - so now I feel I can tick off that dream. And it has made me believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”

Picture of Tushar

Tushar Kalra is from the Punjab, where he grew up with his two younger sisters. He chose to study overseas, because he’s always had a great desire to experience the world outside of India.