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About Kolding city, the student life at IBA, the Buddy programme, International student ambassadors and the housing in Kolding.

IBA Student Life

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About Kolding

With a population of around 60,000, Kolding is one of Denmark’s 10 largest towns. Situated in the so-called ‘Golden Triangle’- the fastest-growing industrial region outside Greater Copenhagen - Kolding is very well situated for road, rail and air transport: the main east-west and north-south roads pass through Kolding; Denmark’s second largest airport, Billund, is only 30 minutes away, and there are frequent inter-city trains from Kolding station to all the major cities. The German border is close by and Hamburg just 2 hours away.

Apart from the IBA, Kolding has around 3000 students in various higher education institutions, a substantial number in relation to the size of the town, and therefore offering an especially good social atmosphere for students. Despite its modest size, Kolding has an abundance of leisure, cultural and social activities, places to eat, have fun and relax.

Kolding has splendid sports areas, a beautiful environment and many organised social events, often supported by the local authority.

For more information about Kolding, visit Visitkolding.

Buddy programme

IBA buddies are student volunteers, and one will be assigned to help you through the first weeks in Denmark when some things will seem strange and unfamiliar.

Before coming to Kolding, you will get your buddy's name and contact details. It is important that you get in touch with him or her and let them know when you're arriving, so they can then pick you up at the train or bus station in Kolding. Your buddy will also show you the school and advise you on practical matters.

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International Student Ambassadors

International Student Ambassadors support the activities of the Centre for International Relations, and advise potential students about studying at the IBA.

You can meet our student ambassadors at different student recruitment fairs abroad, or if you are planning to visit us, they will welcome you and guide you around, here at the IBA and in Kolding. If you would like to get in touch with one of the ambassadors, please send an e-mail to

After starting at the IBA, you will be told how it is possible to become a student ambassador, a rewarding and valuable experience.

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Students applying for full-time programmes at IBA are recommended to apply for accommodation through StudentKolding at, a database which controls and reserves student apartments based on a waiting list. International students will normally have first priority over students who already live in Denmark, and in fact it is our experience that in previous years it has not been difficult to find apartments in Kolding. All the apartments in the database have their own bathroom; they aren’t furnished but they will have as a minimum a fridge and cooking plates (or an oven with hob). We advise to apply for student housing immediately after you are admitted to IBA in order to have a better position on the waiting list.

With regard to rent, it is important to note that in Denmark rent is always paid in advance for the coming month. If the rent is paid later than the date stated in the monthly bill, an additional fee will need to be paid later. In addition to the first month’s rent, tenants have to pay a deposit prior to moving in, which is equivalent to approximately three months’ rent.

The rent includes a fixed sum designed to cover the cost of average consumption of water and heating, and a surcharge may be levied if this is exceeded. Electricity is not included in the rent.