Rajwinder wants to be a university professor

From the moment Rajwinder Kaur could walk, as she’s found out from her mother, settling for second place was never an option. Rajwinder is an avid reader, and has always found it easy to pick up new things.

No-one’s perfect, as the saying goes - however, she will do everything she can to get as close to it as possible.

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Rajwinder Kaur

“When you have to work a job alongside a full-time study programme like an MSc or MBA, it requires solid discipline,” explains Rajwinder, who has financed her study fees and her life in Denmark with help from her mother in India, along with whatever she could earn herself.

Study Programme No. 2 in Denmark

This is why the 29-year-old didn’t just accept her degree certificate for Master of Science in International Business (MSc) in January 2019, but also a special prize for receiving the MSc ‘Award with Distinction’.

Rajwinder received this special honour because of her outstanding grades - and she believes that the MSc programme has broadened her understanding greatly of how to conduct international business. In particular, she has learnt how to make practical use of ‘statistical tools in strategic decision-making’.

Rajwinder studied the MSc programme full time over a one-and-a-half-year period. Prior to that, she had also taken the Master of Business Administration in General Management (MBA) at IBA.

“The excellent and supportive faculty, extensive access to literature - both physical and online - and the thriving student environment, make studying at IBA very attractive,” says Rajwinder with a smile.

Rajwinder Kaur

Rajwinder has an enquiring mind - and she has learnt a great deal through her two separate masters programmes at IBA. The MBA and MSc programmes took one-and-a-half years each to complete.

Assistance from home

Rajwinder paid the study fees for the programme partly through support from her mother in India, and partly by finding the energy to work a part-time job in a nail salon for the four years she has lived in Denmark.

She moved to Denmark on her own to study. After a time, she travelled back to India to marry. Her husband later moved to Denmark to join her there, and he now works as a truck driver for Nemlig.com.

Rajwinder now has further plans to return home to India in order to work towards a PhD at a university. After that, she pictures herself becoming a professor within the academic world. Whichever country this takes place in is not so important.