Winter graduation 2023

Rachad’s MBA makes him a better leader

Rachad from Lebanon has long dreamed of an MBA that would make him a better leader. And he knew that the qualification would be good for his career, too.

Now his dream has come true, and in January 2023, he made his first visit to IBA to attend the graduation ceremony for his Executive MBA programme. He and his family live in Vallensbæk, a suburb of Copenhagen. However, he had no trouble studying in Kolding at the same time as his course was delivered virtually.

The MBA programme

Today, it is more important than ever for leaders to be able to comfortably navigate the ever-changing international landscape. It is important to be at the forefront of the many changes – and not least, to understand them.

An Executive MBA gives you high-level management skills and enables you to lead your company and employees with confidence and professionalism.

The MBA programme is offered in collaboration between Leeds Beckett University in the UK and IBA International Business Academy.

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Photo of Rachad

Rachad is so keen on the flat business culture in Denmark that he has settled here permanently with his Italian wife. He now works as a sales manager for the company Babcock & Wilcox, where he makes full use of his MBA and everything he has learned about cultivating followership.

Chose IBA for its excellent student guidance

There is a good reason why Rachad chose IBA for his English-language Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. When he was researching the various options, he wrote to IBA (among others) to find out more about the MBA programme that they run together with Leeds Beckett University in the UK. He received a quick response from Keld Hvam, who has been in charge of the programme for many years. Rachad says:

- It was a decisive factor for me that I got a knowledgeable and helpful response very quickly. And that has been my experience all through the two years I have been on the course. Professional teachers and admin staff, says Rachad with a smile, adding that he has recommended the IBA course to many others for this very reason.

He is currently a Sales Manager at Babcock & Wilcox, one of the world's leading cleantech companies. The company specialises in getting the most power and heat out of waste and biomass residues. The company has offices in several cities across Denmark, including Esbjerg and Glostrup.

Photo of Rachad and Thisana

This is Rachad, photographed at the graduation ceremony with Thisana Balakumar, who also received a student award. Rachad received his award for completing his course with particularly good grades. 

Rachad now leads by getting others to follow him

Rachad Moubayed has many good examples of what exactly he got out of his MBA. At the top of his list is how the course changed his view on leadership.

- It was during the MBA programme that I first heard about the concept of ‘followers’. Meaning that, as a leader, you can get others to follow you. This was a huge eye-opener for me, says Rachad, who is very enthusiastic about the flat structure that permeates many Danish companies and company departments.

Rachad met his current wife when he was on an exchange programme in Italy as a teenager. Today, they are married and have two children. Because of their jobs, they have been living in Denmark for eight years now and would like to make their situation permanent.

- Danes often complain about the weather, but I think it's nice to have changing seasons. Denmark is a great country to live in, says Rachad.

Photo of Rachad

When he attended the graduation ceremony, it was the first time Rachad Moubayed had visited IBA in Kolding. He was very excited to meet Keld Hvam, who has been the course coordinator at the school for many years. And not least, his teachers and all the others who helped him over the course of the two-year programme.