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Master of Science in International Business (E-MSc)

If you are looking for an education to upgrade your management skills, with a strong focus on the international perspective, then this Master of Science in International Business could be the right choice for you.

With a master’s degree in International Business you get skills to be able to work with all of the important aspects of a business. You get tools as well as knowledge and methods, to use now and in your future career. 

This education is offered via E-learning, so all you need is a computer and an internet connection. All teaching and exams are in English.

This MSc Degree is a part-time and international programme, offered by Leeds Beckett University in co-operation with IBA International Business Academy in Kolding.


  • Study start: 05. February 2024 Application deadline: 1. February 2024
    Study start: 02. September 2024 Application deadline: 26. August 2024
  • Admission requirements: You must normally have successfully completed a degree in a relevant subject area at undergraduate level (bachelor or equivalent). Additionally, English at a certain level
  • Duration: 2-6 years part-time, 180 CATS (90 ECTS).
  • Tuition: Price for registration is DKK 6,000. Each module costs DKK 10,000. The dissertation costs DKK 9,000. The total price is DKK 95,000.
About the programme

This MSc Degree is a part-time and international programme, offered by Leeds Beckett University in co-operation with IBA International Business Academy in Kolding. 

Structure of the programme
  1. International Strategy - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  2. Analytical Techniques - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  3. Management in International Firms - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  4. International Trade - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  5. International Finance - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  6. International Marketing - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  7. European Management and Business Strategy - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  8. Research Design and Methods - 15 CATS (7,5 ECTS)
  9. Dissertation (Hovedopgave) - 60 CATS (30 ECTS)
Structure of the programme

Choosing the E-learning programme gives you maximum freedom and flexibility during your studies. The classes are a combination of live online seminars and teaching via our digital platform. All seminars are recorded, so you can watch them regardless of time and place. 

What is e-Learning?

E-Learning programmes are programmes that are offered online or through distance learning, and put simply, studying by distance learning means you don't have to be based in Kolding to take one of our courses. Wherever you are, you may study with us.

When you choose one of our E-learning programmes, you can study at a distance, at a time and pace that suit you.

Our E-learning Team

We've been running E-learning courses at the IBA since 1996 and welcome students across the world - from Denmark to Argentina and Australia to Canada.

Our dedicated E-Learning team consists of specialists who make sure that our students have a great education and a great experience.

We ensure that:

  • each course is the same quality and level as a course studied on our campus and internationally
  • the teaching and learning materials are chosen and designed to help you learn and succeed while studying at home
  • the support we provide to E-learning students is prompt, efficient and helpful
  • our academic staff are subject experts and dedicated to delivering great courses that help our E-learning students thrive in their careers and lives.

Benefits of E-learning

  • E-learning is a great way to progress further in your career - you can balance the demands of your course with your everyday commitments, allowing you to keep working while you learn.
  • You don't have to come on to campus to attend lectures and seminars, so you won’t have to worry about relocating.
  • Since there are no borders limiting our activities, our e-learning programmes are truly international awarding internationally recognised degrees.
  • You'll have the option to study at home after the kids have gone to bed, in a library, in a coffee shop - or even on the bus. In fact, if you can access the internet, you can access nearly everything you need for our E-learning courses.
  • All our E-learning courses have start dates twice a year, giving you added options.
  • Any qualification you earn from us by e-learning is of equal value to one obtained studying on campus.
  • As well as having access to both the IBA’s and Leeds Beckett University's libraries and electronic databases, you can use other university libraries, so you’ll have the benefit of learning resources close to where you live.
  • All E-programmes are split up into modules giving you flexibility and enabling you to control your own learning progression.
  • You can get on and off “the train” at any time

Support While You Study

We put a lot of time and effort into ensuring you have a great experience with us. When signing up, all E-learning students are given access to online information, which specifies exactly what is expected from you - and what you can expect from us.

Just because you aren't learning on campus doesn't mean you'll have to cope on your own - you'll have the support of dedicated academic staff while studying the individual modules, and our administrative personnel will be on hand to offer you advice about everything from academic issues to stress and anxiety.

Tools for Learning

Our students log in to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) instead of attending lectures or seminars in person. The VLE gives you access to course materials such as videos, E-books and other documents. You also use it to discuss the course material with your tutors and peers and to submit your assignments and receive feedback.

As well as through the VLE, you'll communicate with us through our online webinars, and emails.

There is also an opportunity to attend an annual residential at Leeds Beckett University, if you like.

Our Partners

We work with specialist organisations to ensure that our E-learning programmes deliver the best qualifications possible. Our partners include:

  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Blackboard - they are global online learning experts, and we currently utilise their world-leading virtual learning environment (VLE)
  • Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) - we are proud members of this organisation, which has accredited our programmes
  • Through LBU we are also accredited by the British QAA.
Career opportunities

Being awarded this MSc Degree, you are able to hold a manager or mid-level manager position in an international company. You also have a good foundation for a career within marketing or human resource management in the international market. 

  • Albert Garland Elam
    Albert Garland Elam
    Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor
  • Finn Sander
    Finn Sander
    Senior Lecturer
  • Søren Bladt
    Søren Bladt
    Senior Lecturer
  • Jens Jørgen Nielsen
    Jens Jørgen Nielsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Jon Ording Haug
    Jon Ording Haug
    Senior Lecturer
  • Morten Kier
    Morten Kier
    Senior Lecturer
Isabel Pinar Rubio
- My goal in pursuing a master's degree was to enhance my professional knowledge. At the same time, I wanted to apply my new knowledge in practice. That's why I'm so happy that I chose to study online while continuing to work full-time.
Isabel Pinar Rubio
Key Account Manager and newly graduated Master of Science in International Business
Read about how Isabel worked on her Master in airports all over the world >>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How flexible is the programme?

Our programmes are designed with working professionals in mind and allow for flexibility within a framework. You can choose the days of the week and the times of the day you study to accommodate your other commitments, however you must meet some deadlines as advised by your lecturer. Our modules are 8-12 weeks in duration, and you are able to take breaks in between modules.

Are there tuition fees on these programmes or are they free for EU citizens?

Yes, there are tuition fees, and they apply to all students irrespective of nationality. Unfortunately, there are no scholarships, grants, or discounts available at the moment? Tuition fees are quoted in Danish kroner, but may be paid electronically in any recognized currency.

Is an online degree as good as a campus degree?

Yes, it is. There is absolutely no distinction between the quality of online and campus programmes. You can be assured that all our online degrees have the same status as those awarded to graduates who studied on-campus.

Will my degree certificate state that it was an online degree, completed via distance learning?

No, your degree certificate will look exactly the same as those awarded to students who studied on campus in Denmark or Leeds. There will be no reference to ‘online’ on your degree certificate.

How does online study work?

Asynchronous learning means that there are no set times for you to be online. You can log in to your classroom at times of the day and days of the week that suit you. This makes it possible for students in different time zones to participate in the asynchronous discussion threads that most lecturers run and that allow you to participate in online discussions when it suits you, and there will be webinars offered at regular intervals and video-recorded for those of you who cannot attend at specific times, or want to see them again.

The E-learning concept is designed in such a way that you can always keep track of your personal  learning progression.

Do I need to order textbooks?

For most programmes you will need to order one textbook per module. The average cost is US$120 per book. Additional e-books and texts are provided at no extra costs. 

Will I need to travel?

No, none of our online programmes require you to travel. All teaching is done online. Even exams are online.

What kind of students will I meet on my course?

You’ll meet all sorts of interesting, motivated people from all over the world. But generally speaking, you’ll find that most of our online students are ambitious 31-45-year-old professionals who fit their studies around their work and other commitments. Around 85% of them will typically be in full-time employment, and have extensive work experience.

Will my degree be recognized by potential employers and other universities?

Many employers not only recognize IBA’s and Leeds Beckett University's online qualifications, they sponsor their employees to study with us, too. They know that our online degrees have the same status and high standards as our on-campus degrees.
As UK university degrees, our online qualifications are widely recognized internationally.

How many hours a week do I need to study?

On average, students spend around 5-10 hours per week on their studies on the E-BA and Double Degree programmes and 10-15 hours per week on the E-MSc and E-MBA programmes. You may need more time, especially for your first module as you adjust to the learning platform, and you may need less for some modules. The time you need to spend studying will depend on many variables including your previous academic experience, your confidence with technology, and your English-language skills.

Meet us abroad. Read more here

Admission requirements

You must normally have successfully completed a degree in a relevant subject area at undergraduate level (bachelor or equivalent).

Additionally, you must have passed English at a certain level. Students from Denmark must have passed English at a level equivalent to a Danish Upper Secondary education B-level. The English B-level is represented by 210 hours during the last three years of upper-secondary school (equivalent to the Danish B-level of a Danish upper-secondary examination).

Students from all other countries must present a recognised international English test, with a result equivalent to or better than:

  • IELTS: 6.0
  • TOEFL Paper: 550
  • TOEFL Computer: 213
  • TOEFL Internet-based: 79 (minimum 19 in all sections)
  • Cambridge test: CAE A, B or C
  • Oxford Online Placement test: B2 (min. 70 in each part)

How to apply

You can apply to this programme for autumn and spring intake. When applying you need to fill in this application form (Word) and send it together with:

  • Exam certificates
  • CV
  • Photo-ID

Send this as attachments to this secure mail address:

The application deadline for autumn intake is August 26.
The application deadline for spring intake is February 1.

If you need further information please use the form below or contact Oksana Jørgensen direct at +45 30 10 16 13 or

Further information about Master of Science in International Business (E-MSc)

If you want more information or if you have any questions about the programme or the application, please don't hesitate to contact us. Fill in the form below. Your information will be sent directly to IBA via this secure form. You will shortly receive info about this program and the admissions process.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the Master of Science programme are DKK 95,000 in total.
Registration fee:          DKK  6,000 (when enrolling)
Per study unit:             DKK 10,000 (students normally take two units per semester)
Dissertation:                DKK 9,000

The fees include all teaching and exams, learning support and administrative costs. Books are not included.

Note that payment per unit is effected at the start of each unit.


The CATS (Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme) points system is recognised by many UK Higher Education institutions as a method of quantifying credit for a particular course.

CATS points convert to European academic credits (ECTS) as follows: Two CATS points are equivalent to one ECTS point.