Motivation Letter / Statement of Purpose: Guidelines and Suggestions

Below you will find some guidelines that may be helpful to you when writing your motivation letter/statement of purpose for the English-taught courses at IBA. This is your opportunity to make your personal arguments as to why you need to study a course at IBA.

  • All students must write a letter of motivation explaining reasons for applying to a particular course.
  • Letters must be written by the applicant.
  • Max. 2 A4 pages. We receive many applications every semester, so please keep your letters concise.

Must include:


  • A short personal profile, and previous achievements relevant to the course. You do not need to list your grades in your letter as we will see them in your transcripts submitted with your application.

  • Motivation for coming to Denmark. Why haven’t you chosen another country? Why do you believe that Denmark is the best place for your future education?

  • Motivation for coming to IBA. Why haven’t you chosen another school? What is it about IBA that makes it so attractive for you?

  • Motivation for choice of the study programme. How will this degree bring about positive changes in your current situation? This is particularly important for those who are applying for degrees at the same level as their previous education.

  • Relevant work experience. How will your previous work experience help you to succeed in your chosen course?

  • Plans for after graduation. Think about what position you want and in what company. Address where (general geographic location) you intend to pursue your career.

  • Expectations of studying at IBA. What skills, knowledge and experience do you expect to gain by the time you have completed your degree?