European Executive MBA (E-MBA) Managerial Economics

The module assumes some general essential management skills and knowledge acquired at earlier levels or through professional experience where the core management decision capabilities will have been acquired.

The broad aim of the module is to provide essential decision-making analysis tools to MBA students. To provide students with an understanding of how economics can inform managerial decisions and provide a range of tools for optimising the profitability of the firm and understand the strategic management environment. Students will be introduced to many real-world case studies illustrating the concepts studied in a practical context.


The module will show how economic theory can reinforce decision-making in the development and implementation of business strategy in the management environment for greater competitiveness in the global economy. The participants are introduced to the main themes of managerial economics and go on to study some key management tools in detail. These include optimisation, demand analysis, production and cost analysis, risk analysis, game theory, and pricing strategy. Consideration is given to the importance of market structure and the role of government in the economy and in enterprises.

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