European Executive MBA (E-MBA) Critical Management Inquiry

The art of management is largely about learning to live with dilemmas, situations where difficult choices must be made between two or more alternatives. Such dilemmas take many forms, including:

  • Personal and interpersonal dilemmas that involve relationships with colleagues, work-life balance or the alignment of personal values
  • Strategic dilemmas such as the need to focus on improving short-term  efficiencies while nurturing innovative longer-term growth opportunities
  • Ethical dilemmas that involve an apparent conflict between moral imperatives. It’s hard to do ‘the right thing’ when different stakeholders hold divergent views on how the organisation should act


Within a framework of current leadership and management dilemmas, this module seeks to develop students’ capabilities and skills in critical inquiry and research methods. It does so by focusing students’ awareness of and sensitivity to the purposes of management research and reporting, the bases of evidence and the contexts and criteria of evaluative judgments.

Rather than learning ‘about’ inquiry or research methods, students will ‘learn by doing’ through engaging in a series of small-scale group-based discussions. A major individual outcome of this module is the research portfolio (including research proposal, ethics declaration and reflective learning journal) which is a prerequisite for progression to and successful completion of the dissertation.

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