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Master of Business Administration

It has become increasingly important that leaders can navigate in the international business world, which is constantly changing. It is important to be ahead of the many changes and to really understand them.

The MBA focuses on strategy, leadership, HRM and finance, and it qualifies you for a top-level management position at an international level, so you can lead your company and your employees confidently and professionally. 


  • Study start: 18. August 2023 Application deadline: 01. september 2023
  • Admission requirements: Bachelor degree in business or economics.
  • Duration: 2 years part-time, 180 CATS
  • Tuition: DKK 175,000

The world is changing all the time. It places demands on the ways in which we drive our businesses – and it places demands on you, especially if you have an ambitious, international perspective. Your insight, viewpoint and leadership qualities are crucial for making sure you have an influence on these developments. With an MBA from Coventry University, you gain an international skillset, and the overview to be able to navigate through these changes.

International perspectives across different fields

The ability to see wider correlations and perspectives requires a shift from specialist to generalist. With contemporary, relevant teaching in Strategy, Leadership, Human Resource Management, and Finance, you get the kind of international perspective across core subject areas that’s essential for the further development of your professional position.

High professional level

You receive an internationally accredited education from one of Britain’s most modern universities. A flexible, two-year part-time study course, facilitated by the International Business Academy, Kolding – in which English-language teaching, an internationally-oriented teaching team, plus a one-week study trip to Coventry University, all combine to ensure high professional and academic standards. An essential springboard for your future career.

Real-world learning environment

To ensure the greatest possible benefits, we operate in a real-world learning environment. It’s an environment in which network, sparring, inspiration and dialogue are the cornerstones. We combine the best aspects of theory and practice, and we are ambitious on each other’s behalf. This professional environment creates results that can be instantly put to use throughout your daily working life, and will provide you with a valuable, forward-looking network.

Is the MBA for you?

The MBA is for anyone who wishes to be professionally attractive within internationally-aligned environments; who wants to be able to take productive, appropriate decisions, reacting to changes and trends. It’s for anyone who wants to work seriously on their development, gaining leadership qualifications with relevant, modern tools, in order to influence and develop both organizations and people with an international perspective.

The course has a high focus on the international aspect, and it will boost your career as well as prepare you for the future business world. It is offered by Coventry University Business School in cooperation with IBA International Business Academy in Kolding. It is a 2-year master’s degree, consisting of compulsory subjects and a final dissertation.

You get the valuable opportunity to network and share experiences and ideas with other management students, both at IBA and Coventry University.

Although challenging, the course fits into your family life and career, because it is a blend of face-to-face teaching and e-learning. The course is completed over 2 years, in 6 trimesters of 10-12 weeks each. It consists of 9 modules and a final dissertation.

What you learn

You learn about strategy, leadership, human resource management and economics, because they are the key components of a successful business. You get up-to-date knowledge within the most central areas, enabling you to make the right decisions in a world that is constantly changing.

You get tools, theories and methods to develop yourself and your company in the right direction, both now and in the future.

Career opportunities

As an MBA graduate, you can typically enter senior management roles in the international business world. 

Structure of the course

Trimester 1

Principles of Marketing

Effective marketing is the alpha – omega of any business, in terms of staying ahead of the competition. On this course, you learn about the many important elements of working with marketing. You gain essential knowledge around marketing concepts and processes, and you get equipped with a sizeable arsenal of relevant marketing tools.

You learn about:

Marketing philosophies and strategies, and how to successfully utilize them in the business place
Market segmentation and positioning
How to make important decisions in marketing, with the help of a range of tools
Strategies and processes in relation to various customer types, such as consumers, B2B clients and the service sectors

Value to the company:

You can strengthen your company’s marketing and competitive performance
You can contribute to the development of your company’s marketing strategy
You are able to identify your company’s target customers and clients

Strategic Analysis

Managing a business takes more than just a good overview. On this course you get in-depth knowledge about the many different parameters at the heart of good leadership. You are also presented with the many internal and external relationships influencing the strategic management of a business.

You learn about:

Analysis of companies’ value chains, competitive parameters and core competences
Analysis of the company’s stakeholders
Organizational structure and change management
Company culture, mission and vision

Value to the company:

You can identify and navigate according to the conditions influencing strategic management
You are able to define your company’s core competences and competitive advantages
You can secure a stronger position in the market, with the help of benchmarking
You can strengthen your company’s relationship to the stakeholders

Trimester 2

Human Resource Management

Employees are an invaluable resource for the business, and therefore it’s important to work in a goal-oriented, strategic way with Human Resource Management. On this course, you get a thorough knowledge of HR disciplines, and about planning, financing, development and motivation on both a strategic and practical level.

You learn about:

Strategic development and implementation of HR
HRM in a social context
HRM in the modern business
Motivation and development of employees
International HRM

Value to the company:

You can analyze and evaluate HR in practice in the everyday running of your company
You can contribute to the development of the HR areas within your business
You strengthen the work around your company’s most important resource

Financial Analysis and Decision Making

A company’s economic foundation is an important factor in its existence, along with its opportunities for progress. On this course you gain strategic and practical tools for working with the economic and financial areas within your company, along with knowledge around the meaning and consequences of both short and long-term economic decisions and investments.

You learn about:

Financial analysis tools
Financial disciplines
Long and short-term economic strategies
The company’s investments and expenditures

Value to the company:

You gain economic and financial insight on a strategic level

You can contribute to the work with both short and long-term perspectives

Trimester 3

Research Methods

The ways in which you undertake your research, and the sources from which you draw your data, are far from inconsequential. On this course, you are presented with the central concepts within management and sociological research. You will learn about research methods and techniques and be able to critically respond to your data-gathering methods and data.

You learn about:

Structure and methods, with regard to larger projects and assignments
R&D methods and strategies
Aims and objectives for your research
Data gathering techniques
Qualitative and quantitative analysis methods

Value to the company:

You are able to describe and carry out larger projects
You can actively participate in the company’s research work
You can respond critically and objectively to the company’s research work

Innovation Management

A company’s ability to innovate and develop is essential for keeping up with the competition, in an international world that’s constantly in motion. On this course, we work strategically and practically with the many areas within the field of innovation.

You learn about:

Creating an innovative environment for employees and the organization
Financial, technological and environmental challenges in the innovation process
Definitions and classifications of innovation
Innovation strategies
National and international relationships and challenges within innovation

Value to the company:

You are able to work with the company’s innovation strategies
You can contribute to the company’s innovation process
You can identify the company’s challenges with regard to innovation

Trimester 4

Economic Environment of Business

Even though a business might have a good strategic foundation and a solid economy, there are many external factors which can affect a company’s finances and financial decisions. On this course, we tackle the economic challenges with which businesses are faced daily. Focus is placed on the importance of financial analysis at a management level in both the national and international business worlds.

You learn about:

Micro and macro-economic concepts
Company challenges such as expenditure, efficiency, competition, monopoly and globalization
Identification of market forces and market influences
Action plans for businesses in response to external changes

Value to the business:

You are able to identify the external factors influencing the company’s dealings and finances
You can evaluate business opportunities and risks

Principles of Strategic Leadership

As manager, it is extremely important to be aware of leadership styles, as well as being able to critically and openly examine your own leadership abilities. On this programme you get a strategic and practical introduction to the most important leadership concepts and theories.

You learn about:

Leadership concepts and theories
Consciousness of your own leadership abilities, including work around self-awareness, self-improvement, and developing others
Leadership in a business world that’s in a constant state of flux

Value to the business:

You become a reflective leader
You can respond critically to your own leadership role within the company

Trimester 5

Management Consulting

As a manager, it’s important to be able to step in as advisor or consultant – also outside of your own company. On this course, we will dive into the theoretical principles and the organizational and analytical models associated with the role of consultant or advisor.

You learn about:

The role of consultant / advisor
Tools for carrying out and completing larger projects and assignments
External consultancy
Presentation techniques

Value to the business:

You are able to examine large projects objectively
You can investigate and analyze complex events in a structured manner

Trimester 6

Dissertation Executive MBA

To conclude the MBA study course, you will produce a substantial thesis assignment. The thesis builds on the Research Methods module, and you may base it on an issue or challenge from within your own company. You may also choose to focus on an area that’s of special interest to you. In this assignment, you must demonstrate the competences and analytical skills you have gained throughout the course.

Trimester 1:
Principles of Marketing - 15 CATS
Strategic Management - 15 CATS

Trimester 2:
Human Resource Management - 15 CATS
Financial Analysis & Decision Making - 15 CATS

Trimester 3:
Research Methods - 10 CATS
Innovation Management - 15 CATS

Trimester 4:
Economic Environment of Business - 15 CATS
Principles of Strategic Leadership - 15 CATS

Trimester 5:
Management Consulting - 15 CATS

Trimester 6:
Dissertation - 50 CATS

We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated, please contact us for the latest information.

Download curriculum (PDF)

Admission to the MBA course

To get enrolled in the MBA course, you are required to have a bachelor degree in business or economics.

Additionally, you must have 2-3 years management-level work experience, and an English level corresponding to the IELTS academic score of 6.5+ or equivalent.

You can apply for this course for autumn intake only. For all applicants, the application deadline is August 22.

To be enrolled in the MBA course, you should have one of the following:

A bachelor degree from IBA or other recognized institution
Equivalent study at bachelor level, e.g. HD or HA
An equivalent, recognized education

Additionally, two – three years of relevant experience in the business world.

Application fee

The application fee must be paid online HERE.

Please send the payment receipt along with your signature page/application to

Tuition fee

The total tuition fee for the MBA is DKK 175,000. It is divided as follows:

Registration fee and 1st semester: DKK 55,000
2nd semester: DKK 30,000
3rd semester: DKK 30,000
4th semester: DKK 30,000
5th semester: DKK 30,000

Five good reasons to take an MBA

Whether you work in leadership, or are on your way to a position at management level and wish to advance your career, here are five good reasons an MBA is a good choice for you.

#1 – Documented benefits for you

90% of those who take an MBA with Coventry University and IBA land a better job, and/or an increase in salary. (Analysis carried out by IBA, autumn 2015)

#2 – International, accredited course

You receive an accredited education, delivered in collaboration with an internationally recognized university, Coventry University in England. This means that you also get your Masters diploma from Coventry.

#3 – An ace up your sleeve

An MBA isn’t just an MBA – and employers are well aware of this. With an MBA from Coventry University and IBA, you get an education at a high professional level, with state-recognized examinations, awarding a total of 90 ECTS points. It’s a strong card to hold in your hand.

#4 – Flexible studies

While studying on this programme, you’ll have time for your job and your family. Teaching takes place on two days a month – a weekday, and one day at the weekend. The rest of the commitments you plan out yourself, according to what suits you best.

#5 – You increase your value

With your new, strong skillset, you become an important player in your company… while also increasing your market value. In other words, you maintain your attractiveness on the job market.

Coventry – a top, modern university

Coventry University is a global, modern university with a mission of Creating Better Futures. Founded by entrepreneurs and industrialists in 1843 as the Coventry School of Design the university continues to have strong links with the public and private sector, providing job-ready graduates with the skills and creative thinking to improve their communities. Coventry University's students are part of a global network that has 50,000 learners studying Coventry University degrees in more than 40 different countries worldwide. In recent years the university has won many awards and vastly improved their rankings in the league tables that matter to students.

Read about Coventry University here >

How to apply

If you want more information about the education or if you want to apply, please fill in the form. Lars Jespersen will contact you as soon as possible.


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