Married Couple in Amsterdam Studied an MBA in Kolding through e-Learning

Donna and Espen had a good experience when studying an MBA through e-learning from IBA International Business Academy in Kolding.

Donna Darthuizen and Espen Falkenhaug were located in different capitals when they decided to take an MBA. She in Berlin, and he in their hometown of Amsterdam.

“For a long time, I had wished to take an MBA degree, but when you are busy working it is difficult. Then, eventually, I started researching the options at various universities, and I contacted several of them.

The IBA in Kolding was the first one to respond, and Keld Hvam’s enthusiasm and positive attitude convinced me that the IBA was a good place to study”, says Donna.


European Executive MBA, better known as E-MBA, is an education that provides a thorough insight into the many external factors that influence the company's success, competitiveness and market position.

The training is for those who already have leadership experience and who want to strengthen your international skills.

You get a number of effective tools and you learn about:

  • Strategy
  • Economy
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • HR

You will be able to work strategically with the company through research methods, marketing strategy and employee resources.

All education in the program takes place in English and online.

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Picture of Donna and Espen

For three years, Donna Darthuizen and Espen Falkenhaug from Amsterdam have been studying for an MBA degree through e-learning from IBA International Business Academy in Kolding, but they did not visit Kolding until the Graduation Ceremony at Koldinghus Castle when they came to receive their diplomas.

When she told her husband, Espen, that she had signed up for an online MBA programme, he said that he would like to join as well – and so, Espen also signed up.

At that time, Donna was Managing Director of Zalando’s Benelux branch – but domiciled in Berlin. Espen was an independent consultant within retail business development, and he alternated between Berlin and Amsterdam – two weeks at a time.

An Extremely Positive Experience

Studying online turned out to be an amazing experience in every possible way.

- We got very positive responses to our assignments, and the feedback we received was always constructive and useful. Our dissertation supervisor from London South Bank University was just fantastic., says Espen Falkenhaug.

Recently, the couple, who has known each other for 30 years, went to Kolding for the first time to attend the Graduation Ceremony at Koldinghus Castle, and get their diplomas. So, for the time being, they are done studying. About two years ago Donna returned to Amsterdam to work for an Indian company that wants to gain a foothold in Amsterdam. Espen is now Commercial Director in the fashion company, Sandwich. But the couple’s learning process is far from over, says 53-year-old Espen.

Niels Egelund (President of IBA International Business Academy) said in his graduation speech: “In today’s world you must never stop learning.”

- Some time ago, I took some courses in anthropology at Oxford University, and when I look at my own interests compared to the globalised world, I might consider studying social anthropology later, says 51-year-old Donna Darthuizen.

But first, the couple will allow themselves a few days off in Kolding to celebrate their MBA-degree.



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