Winter graduation 2023

Mamta chose IBA for both the education and the experience

Studying in Denmark was a huge experience for Mamta Verma.

And it was exactly what she hoped it would be when she made the decision to come here from northern India in 2021 to study for an MBA in General Management. She has now just celebrated her successful results at the first graduation ceremony of the year at IBA International Business Academy.

Master of Business Administration in General Management

With this master’s degree in General Management you learn techniques that will improve your business results and make sure your company takes on a leading position in the market, leaving the competitors behind.

You learn about:

  • Strategy at a corporate and business level
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Human Resource.

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Photo of Mamta

Before coming to Denmark to study, Mamta worked in India as both a teacher and a manager at AP Consultants Education and Immigration.

- My reason for coming was to give an international dimension to my studies. But not just in terms of the course content itself. I was also curious to experience what it is like to live and study in another part of the world, says Mamta (35).

Her curiosity led her to Kolding, where she has been living with her husband and child – with views all the way across to Koldinghus Castle. She has spent her days studying at IBA Business Academy Kolding while her husband has been working a permanent job at Prime Cargo.

- The difference compared to India has been huge. For one thing, traffic is more manageable. Indian cities are way more congested compared to Denmark, says Mamta with a smile as she thinks to herself how just one big Indian city is home to more people than all of Denmark combined.

Immediately after arriving in Denmark, she lost her bag, with her new laptop inside, on the train between Copenhagen and Kolding. Three weeks later, she received an email from the national train company, telling her that her bag had been found and was ready to be collected – precious contents and all.

Photo of Mamta

- The best thing about my experience has been the teachers at IBA. They are highly qualified, helpful and professional. They take a practical approach to teaching, and that has been absolutely fantastic, says Mamta Verma from India, pictured here with one of her teachers – Mahdokht Sedaghat.

- Everything was still in the bag. Even my pen. I couldn’t believe it. And although I love India, I must admit, this would never have happened there. So I have found Denmark to be a very safe place, and the people here are very honest, says Mamta.

High standards

Mamta already had a master’s degree in English language and literature before coming to Denmark, and she has noticed that there are big differences between education styles in the two countries, as well.

- Teaching standards are high in both countries. But in Denmark, the teachers place greater focus on practical learning. I like that, it makes the content more interesting and easier to understand for everyone. It's not just a case of memorising things, says Mamta.

Mamta has teaching experience of her own from back in India, and she also has school management experience from the same institution.

Equipped with her brand-new MBA, she must now decide what to do next. Her visa does not expire until a few months after her last exam, and if she manages to find a job before then, the family will be postponing their return trip for a while yet.

- It would be perfect if I could get a job here and gain more experience in my own field before we go back, says Mamta, whose long-term dream is to open her own coaching centre when the family returns to India one day.

Photo of Mamta

Mamta Verma brought her family along with her when she came to study at IBA. Her husband, who has a master's degree in engineering, worked at Prime Cargo in Kolding while Mamta pursued her studies.