Logo competition winner receives prize

Lorenzo emphasises that even his beige trousers have the right wrinkles at the knees, while he scrutinizes the figurine of himself. He carefully holds up the 22 cm tall man and observes him thoroughly.

Karsten Friis Hansen, Director of IBA Nexttech, explains that the 3D-printer used to print the figurine can have a hard time replicating the colour black, which is why Lorenzo´s pitch-black hair looks a little greyer than it really is.

However, this does not seem to ruin Lorenzo´s excitement for his prize: a 3D-printed figurine of himself.

He was awarded this prize for winning the competition for the best logo proposal for IBA Nexttech. The competition was issued in the context of Nexttech becoming a part of IBA Knowledge Institution.

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The logo competition winner Lorenzo Rodriguez with his prize - a 3D-printed figure of himself. 

Lorenzo Rodriguez was born on Lanzarote, close to La Santa Sport, which many Danes know. Despite being only 22 years old, Lorenzo has already travelled quite a bit. For the past 18 months, he has been living in Kolding and studied at IBA. For this occasion, he has put on the same set of clothes he wore on the day Karsten took him to Vejle to be scanned, an experience which, along with much else in the logo competition, has been amazing for Lorenzo. Suddenly, he was standing in a machine with 96 cameras, which took photos of him and combined them into one 3D-file.

Back at base in Kolding, Karsten used his HP 580 Colour printer, which prints in nylon, to produce the figurine, and then it was ready to be handed over to the winner.

Lorenzo, an avid student, is currently undertaking a 12-week internship at Spekva in Kolding, one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of wooden countertops. The internship is part of Lorenzo´s two-year degree as Multimedia Designer at IBA.

Since it was announced that Lorenzo won the logo competition by designing IBA Nexttech´s new and wonderful logo, the 22-year-old Spaniard has felt rather famous. He says that he has received many comments from strangers, and he has been stopped by other students and lecturers in the halls of IBA and praised for his unique idea.

If he could give one piece of advice to other students, it would be to “think differently – and pursue your unusual and crazy ideas”.


Lorenzo Rodriguez
- Think differently and pursue your unusual and crazy ideas.
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Logo competition winner
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