Read the most popular questions and find the answers below.


Opening hours at the library:

The library is open when IBA is open.
The librarian is available. Look at Canvas.

Find us in room 4.07.

How to access the library databases from home?

Answer: All IBA-students and employees have access to the library pay databases (campus + remote access) from a VPN-connection.

When VPN-GlobalProtect is installed, you can find the it together with the other icons ”down at the clock” (Windows) or ”at the top with the search icon” (Mac).

Some databases can be accessed through WAYF (see below).

What does campus + remote access mean?

Answer: ”Campus” means that you can access this pay database whenever you are at IBA and logged in to VPN / the IBA network.

”Remote access” means, that if you are using another network, for instance at home, you have to:

  1. install VPN-GlobalProtect (see above)
  2. connect the VPN-client at the icon ”down at the clock” (Windows) or ”at the top with the search icon” (Mac).

The databases are now able to recognize you as belonging to the IBA.

What does WAYF mean?

Some databases can be accessed through WAYF (Where are you from).

  1. Choose your institution, IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding.
  2. Enter your IBA username and password.

Where can I find former main theses from IBA?

Answers: The IBAse contains main theses, which are all accessible to students at IBA.

Can I borrow all the books on my reading list until I have purchased them?

Answer: The short answer is NO.

Normally the library only has one copy of the reading list books, and they can be found on the “reading list” shelves. These books can be borrowed for one day only or you can copy from them.

How many books can I borrow?

Answer: From the ordinary library collection you can borrow as many as you need. The lending period is 1 month.