Kolding Culture Night: Koldinghus with a Touch of China

For the second time, IBA Confucius Institute took part in Kolding’s Culture Night, only this time at a bigger venue within a private space in Koldinghus - a beautiful old room with white, chalk-covered walls, old wooden pillars and beautiful brass chandeliers. During the event, this normally white room met with the bright red colours of the Chinese decorations symbolising happiness and fortune - a colour used in many Chinese celebrations, most significantly at Chinese New Year.

The aim of the Confucius Institute

  • To strengthen educational and business cooperation between China and Denmark.
  • To support and promote the development of Chinese language education.
  • To increase mutual understanding and friendship among people in China and Denmark.

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This year, IBA Confucius Institute was assisted by nine exchange students from all over the country; from Inner Mongolia right down to the southernmost parts of China. Wearing traditional clothing brought from home, they welcomed visitors to Koldinghus with songs and dancing, collaborating also with the Chinese artists who were participating in the event.

Chinese art made up a big part of the day, along with two musicians playing traditional Chinese music; old pieces of music combined with poems, which the students read aloud for the audience. Guo Kai, the musician on the left, is playing on a ‘pipa’, a kind of Chinese lute; and Zhang Yu on the right is playing a ‘ban zheng’, a Chinese zither instrument.

Visitors had the chance to taste several varieties of tea from China, from familiar green and jasmine teas, to Tie Guan Yin - a type of Oolong tea - and Pu’Er, neither of which are commonly found in Denmark. These unique teas were enjoyed throughout the day by all, and for most were a completely new experience.

After the delicious Chinese teas, visitors arrived at the IBA booth, where they could learn about the Chinese language lessons offered by IBA, while also enjoying delightful sweets from China - candies made with coconut, almond, milk, and more… sweets from very well-known brands in China, especially the milk candy “big white rabbit”. Afterwards, the kids received a small panda teddy bear to take home.

Visitors tried their hand at Chinese Calligraphy, while kids enjoyed traditional Chinese paper cutting and painting beautiful figures. The activities were challenging, but people enjoyed immersing themselves in the culture in a hands-on way, and exploring their artistic side.

There were also two painters present, displaying beautiful Chinese art - in traditional styles, like the ones pictured above, and also in a more modern style from the painter Xiong Kai, who presented his art passionately to the visitors.

People seemed to thoroughly enjoy all of the activities, and many had their interests piqued about Chinese language and culture.

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