Summer graduation 2023

Indian Sajanas completed his MBA in Kolding: - The city has become our second home

- As a family, we chose to press the refresh button.

That's how Indian Sajanas C. Peedikayil describes it. In 2021, he resigned from his previous position as an Senior Facilities manager and moved from Dubai to Kolding with his wife and their two children. They needed to pause and do something new, both personally and professionally.

Is the MBA for you?

The MBA is for anyone who wishes to be professionally attractive within internationally-aligned environments; who wants to be able to take productive, appropriate decisions, reacting to changes and trends. It’s for anyone who wants to work seriously on their development, gaining leadership qualifications with relevant, modern tools, in order to influence and develop both organizations and people with an international perspective.

The course has a high focus on the international aspect, and it will boost your career as well as prepare you for the future business world. It is offered by Coventry University Business School in cooperation with IBA International Business Academy in Kolding. It is a 2-year master’s degree, consisting of compulsory subjects and a final dissertation.

You get the valuable opportunity to network and share experiences and ideas with other management students, both at IBA and Coventry University.


Photo of Sajanas

Alongside his studies, Sajanas has been working on inspections for a cleaning company in Vejle. After completing his Master's degree, he will have time to work full-time for the company, where the agreement is that he will be responsible for a handful of major contracts, including schools and hotels.

- Dubai wasn't a bad place to live. But it's a hectic place with lots of congestion. We needed to live a quieter life. And if you Google "work/life balance," Denmark is one of the countries that stands out positively," says Sajanas.

Personally, he wanted to pause his career and immerse himself in new knowledge. This desire led him to IBA Erhvervsakademi Kolding, where he will graduate this summer with a fresh MBA in leadership. IBA offers this program in collaboration with Coventry University in England.

Photo of Sajanas

- I have been very pleased with the instructors at IBA. They are very professional and take the time to help you if you have a question, says Sajanas, who originally trained as an engineer.

- It has been a fantastic experience for the whole family to move here. I'm really glad we made that move. And my daughter says that if we feel like moving to India or Dubai, we shouldn't expect them to come along, Sajanas says with a smile.

Indian ambassador

But for now, the family has no plans to move, even though his last exam is over. On the contrary, Sajanas has spoken so highly of both Kolding and IBA that one of his Indian friends will soon start studying at the business academy. And next year, it will be a nephew who packs his bags and moves to Kolding.

- Yes, you could say that I have become an Indian ambassador for Kolding and Denmark, says Sajanas, who appreciates the high level of trust between people in this country.

Sajanas and his graduating class at the IBA.

Sajanas and his graduating class at the IBA.

Danes are very friendly and open, and I really enjoy working with them. There is a trust among people here that is very valuable. Because it means we can start performing as a team much faster, he says.

Loving the Danish climate

Whether it's the changeable weather, Sajanas has nothing but praise for Denmark. He doesn't miss the endless summer days from his years in Dubai at all.

- As a family, we like being close to nature, and it's just lovely to have a varied climate. There's nothing to complain about at all. Of course, we also miss family and friends back home in India. But when we've been home visiting, it's still a relief to come back to Kolding. It has become our second home, he says.

Photo of Sajanas

From his former home in Dubai, Sajanas took a virtual walk in Kolding via Street View. "The city seemed ideal for our family life. It has everything you could want from a city," says Sajanas, who applied to IBA to continue his studies.



Sajanas C. Peedikayil
- After my Master's degree from IBA and Coventry University, I have become better to combine practice and theory. And when you understand the theories behind your work, it's much easier to compare problems and come up with the best solution.
Sajanas C. Peedikayil
Newly graduated MBA in general management