IBA is getting a new Chinese Department in Sønderborg

IBA’s Chinese department, Confucius Institute, will be getting a new division in the town of Sønderborg on the island of Als - which will therefore be getting its own Chinese language courses, along with other cultural and business-oriented Chinese initiatives.

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IBA Confucius Institute

The aim of the Confucius Institute is to:

  • Strengthen educational and business cooperation between China and Denmark.
  • Support and promote the development of Chinese language education.
  • Increase mutual understanding and friendship among people in China and Denmark.

Contact us
E-mail: confucius@iba.dk

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Executive President of Ocean Favor Yuping Bi giving a speech.

Executive President of Ocean Favor Yuping Bi, when he was talking at the IBA Confucius Institute event China Business Forum >>

Thank you Sønderborg

This expansion became a reality after Sønderborg municipality granted 51,000 DKK towards the new department, and towards an ongoing collaboration with IBA’s Confucius Institute in Kolding.

- We are looking forward to this collaboration with Sønderborg - and we´re proud of everything we’ve achieved since Confucius Institute's opening ceremony at IBA in October of 2015, said Ildikó Antal, director of IBA’s Confucius Institute and International Department.

Collaboration and friendship

There are four Confucius institutions in Denmark receiving support from the headquarters in Beijing in China - among them IBA in Kolding.

The objective of Confucius Institute is partly to foster greater understanding and friendship between the Danes and the Chinese; partly to strengthen collaboration in general between the two countries; and, last but not least, to promote business and trade between Chinese and Danish companies.