GoBizz - If you have a great business idea

If you are walking around with a business idea and need some help to get ahead - we have a special opportunity for you.

GoBizz at IBA is an advisory board established to help students fulfill their business dreams. We are a group of teachers with various different business skills who want to help you realize your business idea!


Join GoBizz if you have a great business idea

  • Describe your idea
  • Prepare a short presentation of your business idea
  • Show up at one of the GoBizz meetings
  • You’ll receive feedback, advice and useful tools from the board
  • You are now a part of the GoBizz program.

How does it work?

If you have an idea, fill in the form below and describe in short your business idea, your resources, expected market and financial need. 

Prepare a short, 3-5 minute presentation of your business idea, and show up at one of the GoBizz meetings (see calendar).

You will make your presentation, and afterwards you’ll receive some feedback, advice and useful tools from the board - and then you are part of the GoBizz program.

Easy, simple and efficient!

Next step

Now you can continue with the development of your business idea, using the tools, and just show up to GoBizz meetings when it’s needed. At the meetings you will get advice from the board - and also have the opportunity to talk to other students working with their business ideas.

Christian Valentin is studying Entrepreneur and designmanager (E-designer). He have started as self-employed, where he imports and sell Duke shoes.


GoBizz meeting Spring 2018:

Week 10, the 6th of March at 13-15

Week 15, the 12th of April at 13-15

Week 18, the 1st of May at 10-12

Week 22, the 28th of May at 13-15

Sign up here for the upcoming advisory meeting with the GoBizz team

The GoBizz Team

  • Allan Fledelius
    Allan Fledelius
    Senior Lecturer
  • Marie Louise Nørgård Mäkinen
    Marie Louise Nørgård Mäkinen
  • Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund
    Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund
  • Hanne Skov Bertelsen
    Hanne Skov Bertelsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Lene Fallesen Ravn Rasmussen
    Lene Fallesen Ravn Rasmussen
    Senior Lecturer