Gabriela´s energy is contagious at Vibrant

Gabriela Mazallo Bocchi and the internship company Vibrant have been an outstanding match. The internship has been so great for both parties that it has resulted in a spot in the final in this years’ IBA Internship of the Year competition, and a full-time job when Gabriela finishes her studies this June.

Her creativity and energy have been a perfect match with the modern start-up company, which have complete faith in everyone in the team – no matter their title, age, or experience. With this faith, the outgoing IBA student has developed herself and spread a lot of positivity to all her colleagues.

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A dynamic and innovative internship

If you look up the word ‘vibrant’ in the English dictionary, you will see words such as “energetic” and “full of enthusiasm”. Hereby, it´s not only the name of Gabriela´s internship company, but it´s also pretty descriptive of her as a person, and the way she speaks of her internship.

- I love the vibe here. It´s very exciting to be part of an environment such as this one with lots of development and creative brainstorms. Furthermore, I love my tasks and the responsibility I´ve gotten, says Gabriela, who will soon finish her Professional bachelor’s in international Sales and Marketing at IBA International Business Academy Kolding.

Vibrant is a start-up company focusing on payment solutions via smartphone. The target audience is smaller businesses in Denmark and abroad. The environment is dynamic and innovative, and that is exactly the kind of internship Gabriela has been looking for.

She has been very enthusiastic about her internship and she has therefore nominated it for this year´s IBA Internship of the Year. The nomination was so great that she is one of the five finalists in the competition.

- I think that some of the most important and fantastic aspects about my internship has been that Vibrant has guided me and trusted me. They invest in me, and they care about my development and how I feel, says Gabriela, and continues:

- They do not see me as an intern but rather as someone who can contribute on equal terms with the rest of the employees. They trust me.

This has meant that she has solved many exciting tasks and seen her work on various digital platforms. She has become Vibrant´s go-to-person when it comes to content. With her title of Community Manager, she has produced blog posts, videos, and texts for websites and social media.

- I really feel I´m a part of it. It´s cool to see one´s work getting shown to everyone. It´s great to be at the front with my colleagues, she says.

Gabriela’s energy is contagious

On the Vibrant team there´s experienced entrepreneurs who have been part of big projects before. Among these is the company´s Director, Kasper Enggaard Krog, who happily shares his knowledge and experience. People´s happiness is the foundation for a great company, he says.

- It actually means a lot for us to be in the final. We landed a big deal the same day as Gabi (Gabriela, red.) was told she was a finalist. This means more to us, as it´s a great example of us currently trying to build a “people first”-company, the Director says.

He believes that Gabriela has been the perfect fit, solved her tasks eminently, and not least brought in a lot of energy and personality. There´s a meeting every morning where you must give a status of your mood on a scale from 1-10.   

- Here, she really lifts the mood at the office. As a starting point, she´s always a 12. And I might show up as a 4 on some days, but then Gabi will be the one to pull us up and say, “come on, we can do this”, hereby raising all of us a few points on the scale before the end of the day, says Kasper Enggaard Krog.

Aside from the weather she likes Denmark

Gabriela´s family is Italian, but they live in Brazil. After a year in Texas in the US at the age of 16, she was certain she wanted to study abroad, work with language, and experience new and exciting things. In 2017, she moved from the big city of São Paulo, with 12 million citizens, to Kolding to study at IBA.

She chose IBA because of the practical and project-based approach, and strong ties to fellow students and lecturers. She has really liked this. Aside from the weather, she likes living and working in Denmark – and she intends to continue doing so. She is still learning the Danish language, but it is a bit difficult. Especially the sounds of æ, ø, and å can be quite tricky. But she won´t give up.

She recounts her internship period in a nice and quite ordinary meeting room. However, right next to it, you can hear eager colleagues playing table tennis in the common area. The table tennis table is placed on a slightly crooked stone floor next to a row of benches, which invites to lunch breaks and having a good time. The combination of crooked, professional, and nice surroundings is in many ways fitting with Gabriela´s description of her internship.  

- It has simply been awesome and exactly what I dreamt about. I´ve had great colleagues, a mentor, gotten support and inspiration, and I have developed tremendously, she says. 

Gabriela Mazallo Bocchi
- It has simply been awesome and exactly what I dreamt about. I´ve had great colleagues, a mentor, gotten support and inspiration, and I have developed tremendously.
Gabriela Mazallo Bocchi
Internship at Vibrant