For Nadia from Afghanistan, studying is a dream come true

“I have always loved learning new things, and doing my classwork. That’s what it was like at school in Afghanistan, when I was small.”

28-year-old Nadia Nadiri Safar smiles - because here in Denmark she’s had the opportunity to accomplish something that is no longer an option back in her homeland. In Afghanistan it is largely not possible for a woman to take further education; only to complete the regular, standard schooling.

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Picture of Nadia

After finishing her Marketing Management programme at the International Business Academy, Kolding, Nadia Nadiri Safar moves forward with both an online bachelor’s degree in International Business, and 30 hours a week as ‘International Coordinator’ at IBA.

Nadia is incredibly happy to have completed a two-year programme in Marketing Management this summer, at the International Business Academy, Kolding; while also embarking on an online bachelor’s programme in International Business from Leeds Beckett University in the UK, with which IBA Kolding maintains a close collaboration. And in fact she already has a bachelor’s degree to her name, from her time spent living with her husband in Sønderborg.

Tackling two demanding study programmes at the same time is a lot to take on, admits Nadia, who is also mother of two children, of seven and four.

“I’ve always dreamt of taking further education - and for me, a big motivating factor for making it happen is that fact that we live here, in Denmark. So I haven’t thought too much about the pressures on my time,” says Nadia, who on occasion has studied until three in the morning, long after the children have been put to bed.

“I’ve valued it a lot, because it has felt like I’m making the best possible use of my time,” she says, regarding the many hours each day spent immersed in her studies.

Her husband has been a great help at home, she hastens to add, while she has been focusing on both the full-time study programme and the online course - and there will continue to be a need for this, even though the Marketing Management programme is now officially completed.

Picture of Nadia

Living in Kolding is no obstacle to studying at Leeds Beckett University. Nadia Nadiri Safar has chosen to study online, through IBA’s collaboration with the English university. She is studying for a bachelor’s degree in International Business.

Straight into a job

Nadia has been hired by IBA, where for 30 hours a week she will continue her work in the International Office, where she interned during her studies. She carries out this work as ‘International Coordinator’, while continuing her online bachelor’s through the English university.

“I think of myself as a lifelong student,” says Nadia. “Although I may not actually study this much again, I’d like to implement it as a strategy in my life, so that I’m always learning something new - because education is a positive influence for me, and because the world is changing all the time, and education is the best way of keeping yourself up to date with what’s happening.”

Nadia met her husband in India, and due to his Danish-Afghan background the couple ended up moving to the Danish island of Als; and subsequently to Kolding, because of work and studies.

“Right now, working at IBA is a dream job, since during my internship I was really taken with the idea of working within the world of education - where I would now like to develop, both personally and professionally,” she says.

Picture from the dimission

It was a day of celebration, when Nadia Nadiri Safar rounded off her Marketing Management programme with the traditional graduation ceremony at IBA.



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