Winter graduation 2023

Entrepreneur Søren is now upgrading his qualifications in international business

Kolding local Søren Joachim Bruun has just completed yet another course at IBA. This time, it was the BA Honours in International Business. He paid [e1] for the course himself, as is is run in collaboration between IBA and Coventry University in the UK. The experience has helped broaden his professional network and not least improve his English language skills. Søren says:

- I have gained theoretical knowledge about business within an international perspective, on top of my practical experience as an entrepreneur. I also found it very enriching to be a part of the international environment at IBA and study full-time in English."

BA Honours in International Business

The top-up Bachelor programme (Honours) in International Business was developed by IBA in collaboration with Coventry University.

As part of the programme, students learn about strategy, e-commerce, human resources and marketing in an international context.

Read more about the programme here >>

Photo of Søren, Niels and Sørens grandfather

Søren brought along his grandfather Poul Erik Joachim Nielsen (centre) to the graduation ceremony. After the ceremony, his grandfather went up to the podium and had a chat with IBA Director Niels Egelund. It turned out that Søren's grandfather actually used to be Egelund’s teacher at the Fynslund School in Jordrup, northwest of Kolding.

Previously, Søren had also studied Entrepreneurship and Design at IBA.

And he still has not had his fill of education, as he has already moved on to the English-language Master of Business Administration (MBA). He expects to complete this course by as soon as the autumn:

- I am young and I still have a lot to learn, so the MBA felt like a natural next step for me, as it is a globally recognised programme and equips you with relevant management tools.

25-year-old Søren has previously been a partner in the company Gro Lys, which develops and sells equipment for growing plants indoors under artificial lighting. Together with his partners, he also co-founded the company Micro Greens Denmark, which produces and supplies microgreens to restaurants, hotels and catering businesses. Today, the company has more than 20 employees.

In recognition of his work with these two companies, Søren and his partners won Entrepreneur of the Year from Business Kolding. They received the award in 2019 – the year before Søren began his studies in entrepreneurship.

Photo of Søren

Today, Søren devotes himself to being a student – while in his spare time, he works as a self-employed business developer and advises other companies.

Søren is without question an enterprising individual, and he does not find studying to be a challenge. This is because he is will used to working hard in his life as an entrepreneur. What’s more, he believes that an international education will help him stand out from the crowd.

And he certainly will with his diploma, because he attained the highest grade average of his class:

- I think business comes naturally to me. That's why I've done better in my grades on this Bachelor's programme than on any other I have done so far. But for me, character and self-development matter more than what grades you get,” says Søren Joachim Bruun.

His big dream is to create and to be a part of companies that make the world better and have a positive impact on our surrounding environments.