Education is the key to working more sustainably.

"Sustainability" is a keyword in 2023.

And yes - it will also be a keyword in the coming years. From 2024, the 1500 largest Danish companies will have to submit accounts documenting their level of sustainability. They will then also require their suppliers to comply. The sustainability agenda will spread to all corners of the business world.

Executive MBA in Sustainability (online)

With an Executive MBA in Sustainability, you will be equipped to navigate your business through an international and sustainable business environment.

Companies must adapt to the rapid development in the world to survive. A focus on profit is no longer sufficient; today, companies must demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability. Sustainable business practices not only benefit the environment, but also provide significant long-term advantages for businesses.

The programme takes place 100% online and is offered in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University.

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Henrik Bielefeldt
- Many companies in Denmark are already operating sustainably in many areas. Therefore, we need leaders who can describe what the company is doing to be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. Creating that description requires both knowledge, insight, and education.
Henrik Bielefeldt
Project Development Manager at the consulting firm Sustain

That is why IBA Business Academy Kolding is now offering an education that goes deep into sustainability at the MBA level. The education takes place online and in English. The E-MBA in Sustainability is offered in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University, with which IBA already has a close and longstanding partnership.

- There is no doubt that companies - both local and internationally oriented - should adjust their business strategy so that sustainability is the goal. If they are slow in this area, they will lose the battle for both customers and market share - and they know that, says Morten Bjørn Hansen, CEO of the Business Kolding business network, which represents 700 local member companies.

Morten Bjørn Hansen
- Business Kolding views a new international MBA programme with a focus on sustainability very positively. There is an increasing demand for these skills, and the programme is flexibly designed to appeal to those who are fully engaged in their careers.
Morten Bjørn Hansen
CEO, Business Kolding

At the consulting firm Sustain, which specializes in sustainable transformation, project development manager Henrik Bielefeldt agrees completely. And there is a great need for more education, he believes.

- There is a need for massive further education of leaders who understand sustainability as a concept. And who can act on it. Otherwise, you risk being caught off guard in relation to customers, suppliers, employees and the press, he says.

According to Henrik Bielefeldt, many already meet some of the requirements for running a sustainable business. But often it requires new insight to be able to identify and describe where the company can put a green check mark with a clear conscience.

- People are already starting to seek knowledge through education. Often, people have their own perceptions of what sustainability entails. It is important that we learn to speak a common language when we talk about sustainability, says Henrik Bielefeldt.

He adds that sorting waste and plantbased dishes in the canteen are excellent initiatives. But running a sustainable business is much more than that, he asserts:

- Many confuse sustainability with green transformation. But in fact, there is both a social, an economic and an environmental bottom line. And if you do not have an eye for all parts, you are not running a sustainable business.


Alis Sindbjerg Hinrichsen
- In terms of green transition, all companies should ask themselves in good time: "If we are to move in a more positive direction, what do we need to initiate?" And to answer that question, companies need to train competencies within the organization to be able to think in green innovation.
Alis Sindbjerg Hinrichsen
Senior Transformation Manager at Lego