Digital Diplomas

Everything is going digital - including your diploma and as of summer 2018, IBA is using only digital diplomas.

This means that, once you have completed your study programme at IBA, you will receive your certificate as a PDF file delivered directly to your personal ‘e-Boks’ - which is a kind of personal digital inbox for people living in Denmark. 

You will NOT receive a printed, hard copy - and it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have an activated, functioning digital e-Boks.

Graduation at IBA

There are two graduation ceremonies per year at IBA - one in January and one in June.

The reason for this is that there are two annual student intakes. Summer has an intake onto all of IBA’s various study programmes; and in winter, the intake is to particular programmes - i.e. Marketing Management and the Professional Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management (both in danish); along with the Double Degree in International Sales & Marketing / Business Management & Marketing.

Graduation ceremonies are held within the beautiful facilities at Koldinghus castle.

What if you don’t have an e-Boks?

To obtain e-Boks, you must have NemID. NemID is a kind of personal two-step verification system for people living in Denmark.

If you are currently a resident of Denmark, you can order NemID online or from your bank. Once you have NemID, you can sign up for e-Boks. NemID is available either as a printed card or as an app.

If you have any problems, you can always get help from Borgerservice, the Danish citizens’ service centre.

Why digital?

With a digital diploma sent directly to your e-Boks, you ensure that your diploma will be kept securely. You can easily share it with a potential employer, for example, or with the public authorities; and you also have the option to download or print a copy.

If you need help with how to share a document, you can read IBA’s English-language guide, called ‘Guide to share’; or consult e-Boks’s user support.


If you experience problems with NemID or e-Boks, or if you have additional questions, you can get help at Borgerservice.

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