Chinese – now for children

In recent years, IBA has taught Chinese classes for adults through the IBA Confucius Classroom. From 2017, this will also be available for kids.

On the 23rd of September 2017, two children’s classes began Chinese lessons at IBA. The kids are divided into two classes, each of which is taught at an appropriate level for its age group.

The aim of the Confucius Classroom

  • To strengthen educational and business cooperation between China and Denmark.
  • To support and promote the development of Chinese language education.
  • To increase mutual understanding and friendship among people in China and Denmark.

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Students in a classroom learning Chinese.

Confucius Classroom’s mission is to further develop the collaboration between China and Denmark. “With this initiative, we help the Chinese children in Denmark to improve their language abilities, and to gain a closer relationship to their history,” explains Ildikó Antal, director of Confucius Classroom.

First Year Class

The youngest pupils are aged 3-6, and the idea of these classes is that learning should take place through play. Focus is placed particularly on improving the children’s vocabulary. They draw figures and diagrams and look through pictures, carrying out relatively simple exercises and becoming familiar with Chinese through games and play.

Older Class

The next age group is made up of pupils from 7-10, and the work is targeted towards improving the children’s language abilities. They carry out written exercises in order to train their written Chinese, which is, of course, somewhat different to Danish.

A family affair

When the children come along to Saturday classes, it’s with their parents in tow. Confucius Classroom involves the parents in the teaching, so they have a say in their children’s learning.

This creates great confidence and trust between parents and the IBA Confucius Classroom.

A picture of the students.

IBA Confucius Classroom’s aim is to strengthen the educational and business worlds’ collaborative links between China and Denmark, and also to support the promotion of Chinese language lessons.

Who takes part?

Kids attend from Danish-Chinese families all over Jutland. Some of them live in Kolding, while others come all the way from Sønderborg and Esbjerg.

Normally, all IBA Confucius Classroom activities are carried out in English, but in this case IBA have chosen two teachers who mostly speak Danish, since, although the children are good in Danish and Chinese, they haven’t yet mastered the English language.



  • Ildikó Antal
    Ildikó Antal
    Director, IBA International & Confucius Institute