Chinese Language and Culture - Beginner 2 - Sønderborg

The course is designed to build on basic Chinese knowledge with an emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills. Through exercises in the Chinese phonetic system, simple conversations, basic vocabulary and sentence patterns, this course provides a foundation to engage in simple conversations. After the course, students are able to attend the Chinese proficiency test HSK 2 (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi).

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Target Group

The course is for people who have little prior knowledge of the Chinese language.

Course Aims

During the course, students will develop their knowledge of the Chinese language, including basic Chinese characters, sentence patterns, structure and grammar, while consolidating their phonetic knowledge. The students will also develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. After the course, the students will have an elementary command of basic Chinese language structure.

Course Contents

  • 300 common Chinese characters
  • Simple topics related with family, personal life and everyday life.
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Basic Chinese grammar
  • Related Chinese Cultural Knowledge

Course literature

The course is based on the textbook “Standard Course HSK 2" and “New Practical Chinese Reader "Vol.1.

Facts about the course

  • Venue: Confucius classroom, EUC Syd Skolehjemmet, Søndre Landevej 28, 6400 Sønderborg
  • Teaching language: Chinese & English
  • Course fee: 750 DKK + 200 DKK fee for teaching materials.


  • Ildikó Antal
    Ildikó Antal
    Director, IBA International & Confucius Institute
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