Culture Night

IBA Confucius Institute was represented at the Culture Night in Kolding in 2016

IBA Confucius Institute was represented at Kolding’s Night of Culture by six exchange students from China, all currently studying at IBA. These students offered tasters and impressions of their culture.


Through the Confucius Institute at IBA, we wish to broaden our knowledge of Chinese language and culture.

The purpose of the Confucius Institute is:

  • to create greater understanding and friendship between the Danes and the Chinese
  • to strengthen the collaboration between Denmark and China
  • to promote business and trade between Danish and Chinese companies

Six Chinese exchange students represented IBA in the ‘Asian Corner’ at Kolding’s Culture Night, on the afternoon and evening of Friday 26th August.

The program gave a genuine feel of China. Curious passers-by got the chance to try out some Chinese specialities; with Chinese songs for the music-lovers.

Tea tasting with different varieties of authentic Chinese tea.

The taste-buds got treated, too, by three different varieties of authentic Chinese tea. One of these was the classic variety of Green Tea, which is quite well-known in Denmark. The other two are less known to Danes: ‘Tie Guan Yin’ and ‘Pu Er’.

Chinese musicians playing instruments.

Love became the focal point when these professional musicians took to the stage to play love songs. The two musicians, one of whom is Chinese, are from the Music Confucius Institute at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Students of IBA sang a Chinese song.

The warm atmosphere continued into a popular Chinese song, with IBA’s Chinese students joining in and adding their voices to the mix. The song is very well-known in China, where it is sung particularly at times of festival and celebration. Directly translated, the song means: “May the luck go with you.”

A chinese exhange student dancing.

China is a country with a long history of traditions and folk dancing. Here, a Chinese exchange student from IBA performs a dance from Xinjiang in China. The dance is called ‘Flower’, and fits naturally with the culture and traditions.

Kids and parents are enjoying the different activities at the event.

Even the children were excited by Chinese culture! Writing Chinese calligraphy with a fine brush, as the boy in the picture is trying here, is a very refined art.

A picture from the event.

At IBA you will find the Confucius Institute, where we work together with the Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance. The Confucius Institute promotes Danish-Chinese collaboration, something you could learn all about at Kolding’s Culture Night.

Chinese language lessons are being taught.

Chinese language lessons are a big part of this collaboration, and IBA has experienced much interest in this initiative, with a long list of people at Culture Night signing up to hear more.

Read more about the Confucius Institute here.

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