Centre for International Affairs

The Centre for International Affairs is part of the overall management framework for achieving internationalisation at the International Business Academy.


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Core functions

The core functions of Centre for International Affairs are the following:

  • Supporting the internationalisation of the curriculum
  • Supporting student and staff mobility, as well as staff and student development of cross-cultural matters
  • Integration of the experience of international and domestic students
  • Developing and managing international partnerships and networks
  • International marketing, recruitment, liaison with agents and representatives
  • Handling international enquiries, managing the student admission and supporting international students before and after arrival
  • Assisting with access to scholarships (incoming and outgoing students)
  • Managing international alumni relations 
Internationalisation Strategy 2015-2020


  • Developing students' and staff's international competences
  • Developing attractive and internationally popular study programmes
  • Attracting international talent at all level (student and staff)
  • Participation in international research and development projects


  • Incoming and outgoing student mobility (study exchange and internship)
  • Incoming and outgoing staff mobility
  • Participation in international research and development projects
  • Internationalisation of education/study programmes (BME, Euro-Asia, Double Degree etc.)
  • BRIC(S) countries   


  • Strategic partnership (with institutions, organisations, companies abroad)
  • Visibility, branding, communication (intern, extern) 
Meet us abroad

IBA is an international educational institution, and we always try to meet people where they are.

Several times each year, our international coordinators travel to many parts of the world to meet potential students and partners.

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International network

The IBA has extensive partnerships with international networks, individual institutions and organisations throughout the world, including:

  • Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) – we have been a member of this global business school network since 1997 and participate regularly in its activities including the prestigious NIBS Worldwide Undergraduate Case Competition (reaching the finals in 2014). IBA has hosted two major annual NIBS events.
  • The Magellan Exchange – we are the only Danish member of this organisation which enables students to take a semester with no tuition fee at a one of a number of universities in the USA and Latin America.
  • Businet – we have been a member of this large European network since 2010, taking part in and initiating projects with other Businet members. We take part in Businet events, often presenting papers at the annual conference.
  • SPACE –  we have attended the annual conference of this European network dedicated to research and innovation and are involved in SPACE research projects.
  • NAFSA, EAIE, ERACON – we are regularly represented at events held by these and other international associations.
  • International Business and International Marketing Weeks –  we belong to two European university networks that arrange one-week project events between its members. Twice a year the IBA hosts 60 or more students from member schools and sends students to our partners.
International accreditations

The IBA is accredited by two organisations abroad:


  • Ildikó Antal
    Ildikó Antal
    Director, IBA International & Confucius Institute
  • Alla Rozova
    Alla Rozova
    International Coordinator, Recruitment & Admission, Outgoing Student and Staff Mobility