Case competitions

As an integral part of the bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management, students regularly participate in various case competitions in Denmark and abroad.

Below you can see the history of the IBA teams.


IBA has a long tradition of case competitions that train students in practice.

What is NIBS?

IBA NIBS team 2012

NIBS Worldwide Case Competition 2012

2010 NIBS finals with IBA as host

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  • Albert Garland Elam
    Albert Garland Elam
    Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor
  • Didde Skødt Falk
    Didde Skødt Falk
    Career Coordinator
  • Ivan Hassinggaard
    Ivan Hassinggaard
    Senior Lecturer
Maximilien Jacquemin
- You join the NIBS team to get experience and to work with other competent students. And that means you have to put in alot of hours.
Maximilien Jacquemin
Studies International Sales and Marketing Management
Part of the 2017-2018 NIBS team
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