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International Sales and Marketing

This programme will no longer be available in English from September 2022. Read more information here.

Exchange students can still join the programme in Autumn 2022 semester. Please read more information for Exchange Students here.

If you meet Danish Language requirements you can apply for this programme in Danish. Please read more information here.


  • This programme will no longer be available in English from September 2022. If you fulfil Danish language requirements you can study this programme in Danish.
    Exchange students can still join the programme in Autumn 2022 semester.
  • Admission requirements: AP Degree in Marketing Management or equivalent incl. English at a certain level.
  • Duration: 1.5 years, 90 ECTS (NQF/EQF Level 6)
  • Tuition: EU/EAA/Swiss citizens – no tuition fees. Non-EU/EAA citizens – DKK 68,000/year

Students who are exchanged between IBA and other institutions where bilateral exchange agreements exist are exempt from paying study fees to IBA.

Mode of study: Full-time, on campus

Language of instruction: English

You can learn a lot in 1.5 year

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International Sales and Marketing is a 1.5-year bachelor degree, which includes mandatory subjects, electives, a 3-month internship and a final project.

What you learn

During this education, you learn to understand complex aspects of international trade.

You will get a thorough knowledge about economy, international marketing, law and management, in relation to international trade and cooperation, and you will learn about business development in an international setting.

Through practical assignments, you get a good look into business models, strategic processes and companies’ customer relations, and you will be able to analyse and assess potential possibilities of growth and development.

Additionally, you will be able to plan and implement sales and marketing strategies, and you will get effective tools for handling product and concept development for the company.

Activities during the studies include group work, guest lecturers from businesses, presentations and projects in which companies participate, and visits to local companies. This means that learning at IBA holds a great deal of variety, and no two days here will feel alike.

NIBS-teamet 2017-2018
- It feels like we are learning the equivalent of an entire semester over just four competition days, says Max.
NIBS-teamet 2017-2018
From left - back row: Madeline Le Saux (Maddy), and Alla Rozova. Front row: Didde Skødt Falk (holding the team mascot), Maximilien Jacquemin (Max), Albert Garland Elam (lecturer), and Jon Ording Haug (lecturer).
Learn more about the 2017-2018 NIBS team >>

Career opportunities

This degree in International Sales and Marketing opens the door to a wide range of opportunities for a business career in sales, marketing and export in the international arena. Depending on your interests and chosen electives, you can find employment as a manager, coordinator or project manager, with titles such as sales and marketing coordinator, key account manager, product manager or sales manager.

You will be able to get jobs in Danish companies that have business relations abroad, as well as international ones that export their products to Denmark.

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Structure of the programme

Semester 1:

The company's strategic base – 10 ECTS
The customer as starting point – 20 ECTS

Semester 2:

Industry and competitors – 5 ECTS
Sales management and the sales development of the company – 10 ECTS
Elective 1 – 10 ECTS
Elective 2 – 5 ECTS

Semester 3:

Internship - 15 ECTS
BA-thesis - 15 ECTS

Curriculum - national part 2023 (PDF)

Curriculum - institutional part 2023 (PDF)

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Study environment and teaching method

Teaching takes place in classes comprising between 25 and 35 students, giving you an excellent opportunity to enjoy a great social life with your fellow students. You will experience teaching approaches emphasising theory as well as practice.

The instruction is based on projects, many of which take place in cooperation with local and national businesses, and the tasks are normally carried out in groups. You must be prepared to make an independent effort and to cooperate with your fellow students.

Some of the project tasks, and the final project in particular, are independent tasks that you carry out on the basis of the theory that you have learned. The projects should be based on specific cases from businesses, insofar as this is possible. You will be given good advice and constructive criticism along the way.


On the Top-up Bachelor degree in International Sales and Marketing, there are 12 mandatory weeks of internship during semester 3. Since you will also have carried out a previous internship during the Marketing Management programme, you will therefore experience two separate periods of internship during the three-and-a-half years it takes to complete both study programmes.

As well as working with your mentor and your supervisor about your internship and bachelor project, you will also see a careers advisor and a company consultant from IBA Career. They will provide dialogue and guidance around exactly what a targeted application and an effective CV should contain, in order to secure an internship best suited to your career plans – hopefully one that will build upon your earlier internship experience from the Marketing Management programme.

You also have the option of an individual session, in which a careers advisor from IBA Career will go through the CV and the application with you, and together you’ll plan for the next stage of the process.

IBA Career has a strong network of previous internship companies, both in Denmark and abroad, and students from IBA are very much in demand. Many students from the programme seek out their own internships, while others work alongside IBA Career, who regularly receive job announcements for both internships and permanent positions. These will all be posted on the job portal. Find the job portal here.

IBA Career also holds various different activities for IBA alumni (i.e. former IBA students).

Before each internship you will also be invited to a careers day at IBA, to which a range of companies is invited, all of them looking for an intern just like you.

Both careers advice and internships are to help get you fully prepared for the world of business.

International opportunities

When studying International Sales and Marketing, you have various options for gaining additional international experience. You can study abroad for a semester. We have many partner schools to choose from, or you can find your own.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of short-term international opportunities providing the possibility for students to strengthen their ability to work in a multicultural environment, broaden their international network and develop their skills related to the studies, such as study visits, international marketing and business weeks.

Read more about going abroad.

Further education

On successful completion of the bachelor in International Sales and Marketing, you can progress automatically to a full-time master’s degree at the IBA, or use your credits to complete a degree at master’s level at another university in Denmark or abroad.

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Admission requirements and application procedure

This programme will no longer be available in English from September 2022. Read more information here.

Exchange students can still join the programme in Autumn 2022 semester. Please read more information for Exchange Students here.

If you meet Danish Language requirements you can apply for this programme in Danish. Please read more information here.

Admission requirements

Direct admission to Top-up BA in International Sales and Marketing is usually for applicants with AP Marketing Management degrees. All other qualifications must be evaluated separately, and you might be asked to do supplementary courses to be eligible to apply for the chosen programme.

All applicants must have completed and passed English at a Danish B-level with a GPA of 3,0 on the Danish scale. The English B-level is represented by 210 hours*.

In addition, students with foreign upper secondary education/entry qualifications must submit a valid, recognised international English proficiency testPlease read the requirements for English tests and exemptions here.

* Note that the figures are calculated in hours of 60 min during the last three years of upper-secondary school (equivalent to the Danish B-level of a Danish upper-secondary examination).:

All applicants eligible for admission to the programme will have to complete an online admission interview. If the applicant does not show up for the interview, the application will not be considered further.

Non-EU/EAA/Swiss applicants are required to pay an application fee before their application can be processed by IBA. Read more about the application fee.

Academic criteria for selecting candidates for top-up programmes

If not all applicants are admitted to the study programme due to capacity limitations, emphasis will be given to one or more of the following academic criteria (not listed in order of priority):

  • Average grade from the qualifying examination 
  • Grade and ECTS credits in marketing, economics, law and organisation 
  • The application letter and reasons for applying 
  • Relevant work experience, including compulsory military service (max. 12 months) 
  • Relevant supplementary training and/or courses 
  • Other experience, such as attending a folk high school, stays abroad, voluntary work (min. 3 months).

Applicants will also be called in to an interview before admission. 

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Financial issues

Tuition fee

Danish, Nordic, EU and EEA students: Free of charge.

Other students: DKK 68,000 per year (DKK 34,000 per semester).

Students who are exchanged between IBA and other institutions where bilateral exchange agreements exist are exempt from paying study fees to IBA.


The programme is entitled to the Danish state education support (SU). Read more at


  • Albert Garland Elam
    Albert Garland Elam
    Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor
  • Henrik Baadsgaard Jensen
    Henrik Baadsgaard Jensen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Jens Jørgen Nielsen
    Jens Jørgen Nielsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Jon Ording Haug
    Jon Ording Haug
    Senior Lecturer
  • Kaj Gilling
    Kaj Gilling
    Senior Lecturer
  • Kelli Marie Terkelsen
    Kelli Marie Terkelsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Ole Højgaard Scheffmann Pedersen
    Ole Højgaard Scheffmann Pedersen
    Senior Lecturer
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  • IBA International Admission Office
    IBA International Admission Office
    Recruitment and admission
Nora Garisa
- As I gradually learned to speak Danish, I was allowed to answer the phone on behalf of my various workplaces. And as I further improved, I was allowed to answer e-mails. So, to reach the carrot at the end of the stick, I always knew I had to improve my Danish language skills.
Nora Garisa
International Sales and Marketing graduate
Read Nora's story>>
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Gergely Bagdan - Hungary
- The most important thing I have learned is negotiations in business meetings in a real setting. I already had offers in Dubai from some big companies. It all comes down to networking in the industry you want to enter.
Gergely Bagdan - Hungary
International Sales and Marketing student
Internship at Enjoy the Sun Travel and Tourism, Dubai