IBA’s new premises

This is what our new building looks like

IBA Kolding’s new premises really have a bit of style. The new building was ready for use in the summer of 2019, and is located at Havneparken in the centre of Kolding.

The very modern building stretches all the way down to the brook - and features a broad, staggered strip of glass around the exterior, so that students and everyone else at IBA can look out and enjoy the greenery and the view. Passers-by can also see in, able to keep up with the goings-on in and around the building.

New Premises

The address is Havneparken 1 – alongside the flowing stream in Kolding. Close to the harbour. Close to the town centre.

The building is a part of Campus Kolding. IBA’s construction on this previous ‘Gimbelgrund’ land costed around 200 million kroner.

IBA moved in, in the summer 2019.

The building is 9,000 m2, spread over seven floors. It houses over 4.000 students, 130 teachers and administrative staff and 75 freelance teachers.

The heart of the academy is the ‘steps of knowledge’, linking up the various different universes within the building. These steps can be seen from the outside.

The slats around the building’s exterior are made of anodized aluminium, of a nuanced golden-brown colour which shimmers in tone.

Parking: the new building also comes with an adjacent parking area.

Cycle parking: bikes can be parked right up close to the building – ensuring easy, direct access to IBA.

Inside: when you come in through the main entrance, you can clearly see though up to the floors above.

IBA welcomes you inside our new building 2019

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- As Mayor, I’m really happy that we'll be getting such a distinctive and attractive building, in an area of Kolding that’s been so neglected for so many years, said Jørn Pedersen at the reception that was held prior to the construction of the new building. Jørn Pedersen is both the mayor of Kolding Kommune, and also the chairman of the board at IBA.

He was also serving as chairman for the judging panel at IBA, when the design was voted upon – and he was delighted that IBA finally was getting a place of its own:

- As an educational institution, IBA has a substantial presence in Kolding. And now at long last they’ll be getting the building they deserve.

The architects behind this striking design are Janne Brønden (shaking hands with IBA President Niels Egelund in the photo below) and Peter Sand, from Kjaer & Richter in Aarhus – who’ve been hired by Hoffmann from Fredericia, who hold the general contract for the project.

- The spacious building looks like a dice which has been thrown and which has landed slightly off-kilter, describes architect Katja Viltoft, one of the expert judges on the decision panel.

The reason that the crooked dice, with its broad, glass ‘steps of knowledge’ winding up and around the building, was her favourite:

- When you’re young, the most important thing is to see and be seen. You want to be able to keep an eye out for new people to meet. And you’ll certainly be able to do that in this new building, with so many open spaces and meeting points, she explained.