Examination system WISEflow

WISEflow is a digital system to handle the exam process. 
It is easy to use, for all of your relevant exams. 

Guide for the examination system WISEflow: 

1. Log on "tryllehat" and go to www.wiseflow.dk 

2. Login with WAYF. (Where are you from.) Remember to write "Basyd\" infront of your username.

3. Choose your school - Erhvervsakademi Kolding. 

4. Enter the username and password that you use on Canvas. 

5. When you login for the first time, you will be asked to associate your username with you CPR-number, and then you are on the exam page.

6. Click on the exam that is relevant for you. 

7. Upload your assignment. 

Other informations regarding the examination system WISEflow: 


After the first login via WAYF on WISEflow you can optionally activate your Nem-ID to your profile if you want to, and then you can use Nem-ID to log on WISEflow.


You must log in to WISEflow and check the settings for your email address and activate notifications under "My profile". The WISEflow team recommends that you receive all kinds of notifications from WISEflow. Please note that mails from WISEflow may end up in your spam filter.

Group exams

If it is a groupexam, you have the opportunity to follow the instructions for groups.


Read about confidentiality. Applies if your uploaded report is confidential.

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