After completing her MBA, Indian Preeti aims for a job in Denmark

"It's really nice here. And if it's possible to find a job, I would like to stay in Denmark. At least for a few years. Then we'll see what happens next," says Indian Preeti Saini, who has just completed the MBA in General Management, at the IBA International Business Academy Kolding.

She paid for the education herself, on top of a master's degree in mathematics she obtained in India.

Is the MBA in General Management for you?

The MBA in General Management is for anyone who wants to work seriously on their development, gaining leadership qualifications with relevant, modern tools, in order to influence and develop both organizations and people with an international perspective.

The course has a high focus on the international aspect, and it will boost your career as well as prepare you for the future business world.

It is offered by Coventry University Business School in cooperation with the IBA International Business Academy in Kolding. It is a 2-year master’s degree, consisting of compulsory subjects and a final dissertation.


Photo of Preeti

Preeti Saini has completed her MBA in General Management, offered by the IBA in collaboration with Coventry University, UK. She wants to pursue a job in Denmark, where her husband already works as a chef.

- In India I was working as a mathematics teacher when I was promoted to coordinator. That inspired me to upgrade with a high-level management education, says Preeti, who has been the head of the education office at The Knowledge Bus Global School in India since 2019.

She chose to take her management education in Denmark. Preeti explains that there are two reasons for this: Overall, education in Scandinavia has a very good reputation in India. And there is a possibility for the family to travel together while studying. The latter was important to Preeti because she has a husband and two children aged 11 and 13.

Photo of Preeti

Education director Peter Lei wore ceremonial "cap and gown" when Preeti completed her MBA at the IBA International Business Academy in Kolding.

- We have been received very well. My children attend a really good school with skilled teachers, so both of them have learned to speak and write Danish in the time we have lived here. At the same time, it is a very safe environment. At home, I could be a little nervous if the children had to go to school alone, but that is not necessary here in Denmark, says Preeti.

She found the MBA-program at the IBA by searching on the internet. And while she has been studying in Kolding for a year and a half, her family has been living in Aalborg. Her husband is a trained chef, so he works at a local Indian restaurant. She herself has commuted between Aalborg and Kolding a couple of times a week during her studies.

Photo of Preeti

It was to improve her leadership skills that Preeti chose to take her MBA in Denmark. She found out about the opportunity, to study at the IBA in Kolding, on the internet.

With both her husband's job, the children's schooling, and her own studies, it has been a really good experience for all of them to live in this country. Therefore, Preeti has also started looking for a job in Denmark now that she can add her new MBA to her personal CV.

- My children would also like to stay here because they want to learn even more Danish. We are here together, so it's probably mostly their dog back home in India that they sometimes miss, she smiles.