8 IBA students at summer camp in China

They’ve been going to Chinese classes at IBA for the whole of the school year, and were therefore offered the chance to go to a summer camp this summer in Shanghai. Eight students from Kolding accepted the offer, and they certainly didn’t regret it.

On the contrary.

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The aim of the Confucius Institute

  • To strengthen educational and business cooperation between China and Denmark.
  • To support and promote the development of Chinese language education.
  • To increase mutual understanding and friendship among people in China and Denmark.

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3 students in front of a chinese chapel.

Danish Louise Hansen Jessen is studying for a bachelor’s in International Marketing and Business Management at IBA - but she will continue with Chinese lessons alongside her studies. Louise is pictured here (left), with Dora Peter and Dominika Murinova.

Learning about Chinese culture

By being guided and taught by Chinese people, they’ve learnt so much more about Chinese language and culture than they could have on their own.

- We’ve had a great guide and a fantastically well-planned trip. On top of that, we’ve got to know some very lovely Chinese students - who will in fact be coming to visit us here in Kolding in the autumn and attending IBA,” explains IBA student Louise Hansen Jessen, who’s in the process of helping the students with the Danish language.

21-year-old Louise is one of the students who have studied Chinese over the year alongside their regular studies. She became so fascinated with it that she is now carrying on, taking the studies to the next level at IBA.

A group of girls on the People's square in Shanghai.

Louise Hansen Jessen, with the light hair, is shown here on the People’s Square in Shanghai along with some of her travelling companions from IBA, as well as Chinese guides.

Working together

Chinese lessons are one of the many activities taking place through IBA’s ‘Confucius Institute’, on which IBA works closely with Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance.

This year’s summer camp was also a result of this collaboration, meaning that the eight students only had to pay for their visas and flights. The university in Shanghai provided bed and board for the two weeks of summer school.

Marianna Søgaard a danish student painting.

Amongst other things, the eight IBA students had the opportunity to develop their illustrating and calligraphy skills at the summer camp. Pictured here is Danish Marianne Søgaard.

Benefits for everybody

The camp began with three days’ study in the Chinese language, along with cultural activities such as Chinese folk songs and calligraphy. After that, they were shown some of the country in order to learn more about Chinese culture, lifestyle and cuisine.

On these guided tours, the IBA students were shown around by Gail, Chinese, who is one of the two managers of IBA’s Confucius Institute. She had also arranged for the Danish students to meet a group of Chinese students, who will be coming to IBA on the exchange programme in the autumn.

In this way, both groups of students can get the most out of each other, training their language skills over the coming academic year at IBA.

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    Ildikó Antal
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