On this list, you find all employees and freelance lecturers at IBA International Business Academy. 


  • IBA International Business Academy has approximately 130 full-time employees.
  • In addition, there are about 75 freelance lecturers, who are experts within specific areas.


  • Aksel Riewe Henriksen
    Aksel Riewe Henriksen
    HR Manager at LM Wind Power A/S. Teaches Human Resources.
  • Albert Garland Elam
    Albert Garland Elam
    Lecturer/Assistant Professor
  • Allan Fledelius
    Allan Fledelius
    Senior Lecturer
  • Allan Klein Mikkelsen
    Allan Klein Mikkelsen
    Senior Consultant
  • Andreas Bach-Laursen
    Andreas Bach-Laursen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Andreas Solgaard
    Andreas Solgaard
    Partner in 'Beruf' Teaches digital marketing.
  • Anette K. Hansen
    Anette K. Hansen
    Teaches "Pension"
  • Anita Lykke Klausen
    Anita Lykke Klausen
    Teaches Neuro Marketing and social media
  • Ann Damgaard
    Ann Damgaard
    Senior Lecturer
  • Anne Lisbeth Raahøj Hansen
    Anne Lisbeth Raahøj Hansen
  • Annette Lylover Jensen
    Annette Lylover Jensen
  • Antje Behrens
    Antje Behrens
    Teaches innovation, organisation og project management.
  • Bastiaan Johannes Degen
    Bastiaan Johannes Degen
  • Benny Allerup Gammelgaard
    Benny Allerup Gammelgaard
    Senior consultant
  • Bent Bøkman
    Bent Bøkman
    Communication consultant and teaches communication, content and media.
  • Bent Schmidt Lassen
    Bent Schmidt Lassen
    Lecturer. Teaches management and project management.
  • Birthe Erhardt Egdal
    Birthe Erhardt Egdal
    Teaches Masterclass in agribusiness. Dalums Landbrugsskole.
  • Bjarne Nybo
    Bjarne Nybo
  • Bo Kavslund
    Bo Kavslund
  • Bo Sundahl
    Bo Sundahl
    Teaches Lean management
  • Christian Toft Bro
    Christian Toft Bro
    Journalist, TV Midtvest. Teaches communication with video and YouTube
  • Christian Pfeiffer Jensen
    Christian Pfeiffer Jensen
  • Christina Klitsgaard
    Christina Klitsgaard
    Director of christinaklitsgaard.dk. Teaches e-mail marketing.
  • Christine Fur Fischer
    Christine Fur Fischer
    Lecturer. Teaches communication.
  • Claus Bilstrup
    Claus Bilstrup
    Lecturer. Teaches finance.
  • Claus Hother Rasmussen
    Claus Hother Rasmussen
    Lecturer. Teaches international sales and marketing.
  • Dan Weller
    Dan Weller
  • David Lorentzen
    David Lorentzen
    Lecturer. Teaches Facebook advertising.
  • Dennis Hørmann
    Dennis Hørmann
    Teaches Fundsraising
  • Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund
    Ditte Hoffmann Kærslund
  • Ejner Kristensen
    Ejner Kristensen
    Teaches organization and methods
  • Emil Kristensen
    Emil Kristensen
    E-mail marketing specialist, co-founder of Sleeknote. Teaches E-mail marketing.
  • Eric Ziengs
    Eric Ziengs
    Lecturer. Teaches content marketing.
  • Erik Olesen
    Erik Olesen
    Lecturer. Teaches Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Eva Lykkegaard
    Eva Lykkegaard
    Lecturer. Teaches strategic communication.
  • Finn Sander
    Finn Sander
  • Fredrik Seistrup
    Fredrik Seistrup
  • Frida Holst
    Frida Holst
    Corporate counsel. Teaches commercial law in the financial sector.
  • Ghita Kuhlmann
    Ghita Kuhlmann
    Lecturer. Teaches international marketing.
  • Gitte Reeckmann Larsen
    Gitte Reeckmann Larsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Grosen Friis
    Grosen Friis
    Lecturer. Teaches SEO.
  • Hanne Skov Bertelsen
    Hanne Skov Bertelsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Hans Olesen
    Hans Olesen
    Senior lecturer
  • Hans Erik Bennetsen
    Hans Erik Bennetsen
  • Heidi Højmark Helveg
    Heidi Højmark Helveg
    Lecturer. Teaches business law.
  • Helle Næss-Schmidt Risdal
    Helle Næss-Schmidt Risdal
  • Henrik Højberg Johansen
    Henrik Højberg Johansen
  • Henrik Sporon
    Henrik Sporon
    Owner of 'sporon:kommunikation'. Teasches Strategic Communication
  • Henrik Søgaard Hansen
    Henrik Søgaard Hansen
    Lecturer. Teaches management and organisation.
  • Henrik Væver
    Henrik Væver
    Independent consultant. Teaches Communication.
  • Henrik Baadsgaard Jensen
    Henrik Baadsgaard Jensen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Henrik C. Petersen
    Henrik C. Petersen
    Lecturer. Teaches law.
  • Henrik Semmelin Sønnichsen
    Henrik Semmelin Sønnichsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Inga Beckmann
    Inga Beckmann
    Senior Lecturer
  • Ivan Hassinggaard
    Ivan Hassinggaard
    Senior Lecturer
  • Jacob Leander Christensen
    Jacob Leander Christensen
    Lecturer. Teaches digital advertising.
  • Jakob Biering
    Jakob Biering
    Teaches Strategic Human Ressource Management and Principles of Stragegic Leadership
  • Jakob Graves Larsen
    Jakob Graves Larsen
  • Jan Andersen
    Jan Andersen
    Lecturer. Teaches economics.
  • Jane Kaas
    Jane Kaas
    Teaches Management
  • Janne Aagaard
    Janne Aagaard
    Journalist, advisor and owner of Mediekursus.dk. Teaches communication, journalism and content.
  • Jeanette Herse
    Jeanette Herse
    Lecturer. Teaches finance.
  • Jeannette Refstrup
    Jeannette Refstrup
    Lecturer. Teaches communication.
  • Jens Hyldahl Bjerregård
    Jens Hyldahl Bjerregård
    Kromann & Reumert. Teaches business law.
  • Jens Lassen
    Jens Lassen
    Lecturer. Teaches international sales and export strategy.
  • Jens Jørgen Nielsen
    Jens Jørgen Nielsen
  • Jens Nyeland Handberg
    Jens Nyeland Handberg
    Senior Lecturer
  • Jesper Outzen
    Jesper Outzen
  • Joakim Ditlev
    Joakim Ditlev
    Lecturer. Teaches content marketing.
  • Jon Ording Haug
    Jon Ording Haug
  • Jostein Petersen
    Jostein Petersen
  • Jørn Vestergaard Jensen
    Jørn Vestergaard Jensen
    Lecturer. Teaches finance.
  • Jørn Evan Jensen
    Jørn Evan Jensen
    Lecturer. Teaches finance.
  • Kaj Gilling
    Kaj Gilling
    Senior Lecturer
  • Katrine Basbøll
    Katrine Basbøll
  • Keld Hvam
    Keld Hvam
    Director of E-Learning and E-Didactics
  • Kenneth Jørgensen
    Kenneth Jørgensen
    Lecturer. Teaches IT security.
  • Kim Petersen
    Kim Petersen
    OnlinePartners. Teaches Google Adwords.
  • Kim Riis
    Kim Riis
    Company Consultant
  • Kirsten Wissing
    Kirsten Wissing
  • Klaus Münter Rasmussen
    Klaus Münter Rasmussen
  • Klaus Wrensted Jensen
    Klaus Wrensted Jensen
    Teaches SEO Business Diploma
  • Kristian Langborg-Hansen
    Kristian Langborg-Hansen
    Lecturer. Teaches app design and development.
  • Laila Nadine Villadsen Kjær
    Laila Nadine Villadsen Kjær
  • Lars Dagnæs
    Lars Dagnæs
    Teasches Logistics
  • Lars Jespersen
    Lars Jespersen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Lars Brian Bach
    Lars Brian Bach
    Senior Lecturer
  • Lene Brandenborg
    Lene Brandenborg
    Teaches Masterclass in agribusiness. Dalums Landsbrugsskole.
  • Lene Fallesen Ravn Rasmussen
    Lene Fallesen Ravn Rasmussen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Line Rohde Ottosen
    Line Rohde Ottosen
  • Liselotte Christensen
    Liselotte Christensen
    Teaches Coaching.
  • Lone Hermann Andreassen
    Lone Hermann Andreassen
  • Lucy Caroline Gabrielsen
    Lucy Caroline Gabrielsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Mads Bruun Larsen
    Mads Bruun Larsen
    Lecturer. Teaches Six Sigma and Lean.
  • Mahdokht Sedaghat
    Mahdokht Sedaghat
  • Maja Brinck
    Maja Brinck
    Lecturer. Teaches organisation, management and strategy.
  • Malene Patsche Kjeldsen
    Malene Patsche Kjeldsen
  • Marie Louise Nørgård Mäkinen
    Marie Louise Nørgård Mäkinen
  • Martin Vegge
    Martin Vegge
    Senior lecturer
  • Mette Nymark
    Mette Nymark
    Lecturer. Teaches sales psychology, market analysis and business concepts.
  • Mette Skovgaard Stahl
    Mette Skovgaard Stahl
    Teaches project management
  • Mette Ullersted
    Mette Ullersted
    Teaches Graphic facilitation.
  • Mette Will
    Mette Will
    Marketing Director
  • Michael Gadegaard
    Michael Gadegaard
    Lecturer. Teaches marketing, business negotiations and strategic communication.
  • Michael Hedegaard
    Michael Hedegaard
    Senior Lecturer
  • Michael Jørgensen
    Michael Jørgensen
  • Michael Mikkelsen
    Michael Mikkelsen
  • Michael Skou
    Michael Skou
    Teasches Innovation Management at Executive MBA.
  • Michael Reber Knudsen
    Michael Reber Knudsen
    Teaches Pension
  • Mogens Møller
    Mogens Møller
    Lecturer. Teaches conversion rate optimization.
  • Morten Blicher Nielsen
    Morten Blicher Nielsen
  • Morten Kier
    Morten Kier
    Senior Lecturer
  • Morten Vium
    Morten Vium
    LinkedIn specialist and adviser at Vium Media
  • Morten Jul Petersen
    Morten Jul Petersen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Nanna Dreyer Nørholm
    Nanna Dreyer Nørholm
    Partner in Multikant Aps. Teaches innovation management and sustainability
  • Niels Müller Larsen
    Niels Müller Larsen
    Lecturer. Teaches web technologies.
  • Niels Krogsgaard Otten
    Niels Krogsgaard Otten
    Project Manager
  • Niels L. Andersen
    Niels L. Andersen
    Lecturer. Teaches marketing strategies and cultural studies.
  • Nikolaj Svensson
    Nikolaj Svensson
  • Oksana Jørgensen
    Oksana Jørgensen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Ole Andersen
    Ole Andersen
    Senior lecturer. Teaches global economics and business economics.
  • Ole Mehlsen
    Ole Mehlsen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Ole Højgaard Scheffmann Pedersen
    Ole Højgaard Scheffmann Pedersen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Per Dueholm
    Per Dueholm
  • Peter Larsen
    Peter Larsen
    Teaches Marketing
  • Philipp Schröder
    Philipp Schröder
    Lecturer. Teaches export sales.
  • Rasmus Munch
    Rasmus Munch
    Teaches Fundraising
  • René Jensen
    René Jensen
  • Rikke Lind
    Rikke Lind
  • Rune Hansen
    Rune Hansen
    Lecturer. Teaches online marketing and SEO.
  • Sanne Saerens
    Sanne Saerens
  • Sara Schøler Lass
    Sara Schøler Lass
    Entrepreneur and owner of the company Zimplifi.
  • Sebastian Rasmussen
    Sebastian Rasmussen
    Teaches Real Estate
  • Steen Thomsen
    Steen Thomsen
  • Stefan Eberle
    Stefan Eberle
  • Susanne Westergaard
    Susanne Westergaard
  • Susanne Toft Lyngs
    Susanne Toft Lyngs
    Teaches HRM and Coaching.
  • Søren Bladt
    Søren Bladt
    Senior Lecturer
  • Søren Hansen
    Søren Hansen
  • Søren Hornbak
    Søren Hornbak
  • Søren Skousen
    Søren Skousen
    Anthropologist, IBA Business
  • Søren Løvlund Mandsberg
    Søren Løvlund Mandsberg
    Senior consultant
  • Søren Storm Kristensen
    Søren Storm Kristensen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Tanya Dick
    Tanya Dick
    Teaches communication on social media
  • Thomas Bøye Jessen
    Thomas Bøye Jessen
  • Tina Pedersen
    Tina Pedersen
    Teaches organization development in HR perspective
  • Tina Østergaard Filsø
    Tina Østergaard Filsø
  • Tommi Skov
    Tommi Skov
  • Torben Jung
    Torben Jung
  • Torben Kjær Madsen
    Torben Kjær Madsen
    Lecturer. Teaches Six Sigma and Lean.
  • Torben Lindberg
    Torben Lindberg
  • Trine Ellegaard
    Trine Ellegaard
    Lecturer. Teaches communication, online communication and content marketing.
  • Ulrik Brandi
    Ulrik Brandi
  • Ulrik Dahl
    Ulrik Dahl
    Danish Export Association. Teaches Chinese market and cultural studies.
  • Ulrik Schreiner
    Ulrik Schreiner
    Lecturer. Teaches investments and finances.

IBA Business

Student Counselors

  • Jørgen Autzen
    Jørgen Autzen
    Student Counselor
  • Line Langkjær-Schuldt
    Line Langkjær-Schuldt
    Student counselor
  • Morten Kier
    Morten Kier
    Student councelor
  • Niels-Jørgen B. Madsen
    Niels-Jørgen B. Madsen
    Student councelor


Administration full time educations

Admission & Student loans

  • Betina Damgaard Sørensen
    Betina Damgaard Sørensen
    Admission and SU Secretary
  • Nóra Varga
    Nóra Varga
    International Recruitment & Admission Coordinator

Administration part time educations

Marketing & Communications

  • Britt Johnsen
    Britt Johnsen
    Communication manager
  • Celia Elkjær Nordborg
    Celia Elkjær Nordborg
    Student Assistant
  • Lone Strandby Imsgard
    Lone Strandby Imsgard
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Mette Schmidt Will
    Mette Schmidt Will
    Marketing Director
  • Rikke Mørck Thietje
    Rikke Mørck Thietje
    Student Assistant



  • Erik Gamrath
    Erik Gamrath
    Senior Consultant, IBA Business
  • Helle Berg Melgaard
    Helle Berg Melgaard
    Programme Manager
  • Henrik Kjær Christensen
    Henrik Kjær Christensen
    Director, continuing education
  • Ildikó Antal
    Ildikó Antal
    Director, IBA International & Confucius Classroom
  • Jette Mølkjær Gøbel
    Jette Mølkjær Gøbel
    Research, Innovation & Development Director
  • Joan Pape Rasmussen
    Joan Pape Rasmussen
    Programme Manager
  • Keld Hvam
    Keld Hvam
    Director of E-Learning and E-Didactics
  • Lars Jespersen
    Lars Jespersen
    Team Manager / Senior Lecturer. Teaches strategy, management, marketing and innovation.
  • Lone Hermann Andreassen
    Lone Hermann Andreassen
    Programme Manager
  • Mette Schmidt Will
    Mette Schmidt Will
    Marketing Director & Programme Manager
  • Mikael A. Rasmussen
    Mikael A. Rasmussen
    Programme Manager
  • Niels Egelund
    Niels Egelund
  • Per Toft
    Per Toft
    Programme Manager
  • Peter Waring Lei
    Peter Waring Lei
    Programme Manager
  • Vibeke Lykke Olsen
    Vibeke Lykke Olsen
    Resource Director

Research & innovation

  • Hans Mikkelsen
    Hans Mikkelsen
    Development Manager
  • Jette Mølkjær Gøbel
    Jette Mølkjær Gøbel
    Development Director
  • Joan Pape Rasmussen
    Joan Pape Rasmussen
    Programme Manager
  • Keld Hvam
    Keld Hvam
    Director of E-Learning and E-Didactics
  • Lone Mulberg
    Lone Mulberg
    Secretary, Research & innovation
  • Morten Kier
    Morten Kier
    Senior Lecturer
  • Ole Højgaard Scheffmann Pedersen
    Ole Højgaard Scheffmann Pedersen
    Senior Lecturer
  • Pernille Dissing Sørensen
    Pernille Dissing Sørensen
    Senior Consultant, Research and Development

International Office

  • Ian Charles
    Ian Charles
    Associate Dean. President of NIBS. Internship Coordinator - UK.
  • Ildikó Antal
    Ildikó Antal
    Director, IBA International & Confucius Classroom
  • Nóra Varga
    Nóra Varga
    International Recruitment & Admission Coordinator
  • Sigrún Sigurjónsdóttir
    Sigrún Sigurjónsdóttir
    Coordinator for Exchange Students

Confucius Classroom

  • Dora Peter
    Dora Peter
    Coordinator, IBA Confucius Classroom
  • Gail Xu Xiaoqing
    Gail Xu Xiaoqing
    Director of Confucius Classroom
  • Ildikó Antal
    Ildikó Antal
    Director, IBA International & Confucius Classroom
  • Ting Chen
    Ting Chen
  • Wang Junyu
    Wang Junyu
  • Ying Chen
    Ying Chen
  • Zheng Yue
    Zheng Yue


  • Line Lønstrup Andersen
    Line Lønstrup Andersen
    Student Assistant
  • Marianne Lund
    Marianne Lund


  • Brian Finderup
    Brian Finderup
    Canteen Manager
  • Conni Juul Schou
    Conni Juul Schou
    Kitchen Assistant
  • Susan Hald
    Susan Hald
    Kitchen Assistant
  • Ulrikke Nyhuus Gill
    Ulrikke Nyhuus Gill
    Kitchen Assistant


  • Anne Marie Sandholdt Nielsen
    Anne Marie Sandholdt Nielsen
    Cleaning assistant
  • Benedicte Jensen
    Benedicte Jensen
    Cleaning assistant
  • Birgitte Kruhl Ahle
    Birgitte Kruhl Ahle
    Cleaning assistant
  • Ejner Jensen
    Ejner Jensen
    Janitor Assistant
  • Finn Madsen
    Finn Madsen
  • Otto Jul Larsen
    Otto Jul Larsen
    Janitor Assistant
  • Susan Karlskov Domaiski
    Susan Karlskov Domaiski
    Cleaning Assistant