January 2021

Mirva Logren


  • Mirva Logren
  • Education: Top-up in International Sales and Marketing Management
  • Graduated: January 2019
  • Current Job: Sales and service coordinator at Sax Lift
  • Former employers and job positions: Too many to list
  • Born: 1984
  • Nationality: Finnish

IBA in five words

  • Practical
  • International
  • Positively challenging
  • Unique
  • Experience

Who am I

I'm originally from a small village called Hiidenkylä in the township of Pyhäjärvi. My family has background in agriculture and forestry but I had no interest in staying in the countryside for the rest of my life. Since my teens I've wanted to travel, learn languages and see the world.

I've spent a bit of time in Sheffield, England, where I worked as an au pair in the beginning of 2000s. After that I've studied and worked in different cities in Finland. In 2012 I gave away all my belongings except for the clothes and things I could pack in one bag, and moved to Denmark. In Denmark I worked a few odd jobs here and there before I started my studies at IBA in 2015.

I Speak Finnish, English and Danish, and I understand Norwegian and Swedish. I've also studied a bit of French but could really use freshening up on that.

Besides my bachelor in sales and marketing I'm also a baker-confectioner. When I was younger I wanted to try as many different jobs as possible, and I've tried everything from baking to waiting tables, and from office work to elderly care, child care and even care of animals.

Since I started my studies at IBA I've mostly worked with sales and customer service.

My time at IBA

I found myself growing older and needed some stability in life after all my adventures and decided that a new education would be a good place to start. The reason I choose IBA is because it was recommended to me.

What I remember best from my time at IBA
I was considerably older than the other students, but I didn't feel that much like an outsider. I was not partying as much as the others, but I still found good friends and had a good time. The community was the absolute best thing about IBA.

I always thought I was bad at maths, but at IBA I found out I am not worse than anyone else. I ended up enjoying statistics the most - probably because I surprised myself by acing it.

The professor teaching us business law was amazing - turning a seemingly boring subject to something captivating is a real skill.

IBA gave me confidence in the aspects I previously considered my weaknesses. It also made me a bit more social than I was before. Spending time with people from many different cultures and backgrounds was fantastic.

Workwise I think I'll stick to this career for a while now - no more trying out new things every year or two. Business has become my speciality and I can create real stability by growing in this career.

My career path

I got employed at Sax Lift already before I graduated from IBA. At that point Sax Lift needed a salesperson with skills in both Finnish and English, and I fit the profile. I've been working at the company ever since, taking care of B2B and B2C customers from the British Isles and the Nordic countries.

A typical workday for me
My role is in inside sales, where I respond to customer enquiries and other contacts by phone and email. I have utilized my knowledge about sales and business law, and the practical skills I learned at IBA. It is a really good idea to invest in the Microsoft Office pack during the studies - it's used a lot in different projects, and you will need the skills after graduation.

This is how my education from IBA has contributed to my success

Besides the theoretical and practical skills, the biggest contribution to my career has been confidence gained during my years at IBA. I can do things I had no idea I could achieve. If it weren’t for that realization, I would not be where I am today.

Alumni wisdom

Some advice I would have liked to have had ealier
Invest in your studies: invest time and invest effort. Time is something you might not have as much of once you start your career in "the real world", so use the student life wisely. Balance work and fun in a way that gives you the best results.

Studying in your thirties is not half as challenging as you'd think. I can recommend IBA for more mature students as well.

Some advice I would like to pass on
I had an ok income with SU and a part-time job - and I also had a family on the side. If you feel like jumping into it, give it a shot! I did my studies in two parts to limit the time engaged in each examination: first finishing Marketing Management AP in 2 years and then doing the top up bachelor in 1,5 more years. That could be an interesting option for other adults too in case jumping straight into 3,5 years of studies feels like a risky step.


IBA Alumni Mirva Logren


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