June 2020

Maxim Paladii


  • Maxim Paladii
  • Education: Multimedia Design and Communication and Bachelor in Web Development
  • Graduated: January 2020
  • Current job: Digital Designer at Danfoss Digital Customer Experience Program
  • Born: 1978
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • City of birth: Chișinău, Republic of Moldova

Five words describing IBA

  • Group-work
  • Kolding
  • Friends
  • Real-life project
  • Exams

Who am I

I was born in Moldova, but during my life, I have been living in many countries, such as Romania, Ukraine, and Denmark. I could say that I know, to some extent, 5 languages: Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, English, Danish (still learning).

My passion for design was born a long time ago, from a desire for photography in childhood. Those times I was also playing with filters in Photoshop 3.0, with vectors in Corel Draw and with letters in QuarkXPress. That is how I started my carrier as a self-taught graphic designer.

My time at IBA

Being a graphic designer for more than 10 years I started to feel that I need to shift digitally, and my first step was Stanford HCI courses on Coursera. It was only beginning, I demanded more, so I applied to IBA.

What I best remember from my studies
Looking at the past I could say it was a life-changing decision, and the time I spent in IBA changed my way of thinking. It is not only about the knowledge I got in IBA, but it is also an attitude to live life as a learner, to "stay hungry" and constantly improving myself.

During my education, I started to work in Danfoss as a student worker and spent 2 internships there. All this above finally led to a full-time job in Danfoss. Now I am working as a Digital Designer in the Digital Customer experience department.

I am truly thankful to all the teachers and staff of IBA - it has been a pleasure to be a student at IBA.

My Career Path

A typical workday for me
I have days full of meetings, I call them "gathering data days", and days where I sit and work, I call them "productive days". Like said in the Bible: "a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together."

This is how my education from IBA has contributed to my success

I would not name it as a success, it is a long life-journey. But I have got my first student job through IBA job portal, so I suggest that you use this great tool. Also, all the bits of advice from teachers and career adviser Louise Bech Quinn contributed vastly to get me where I am now.

This is how I have made use of my education and competences from IBA

I am using theory from my education in my work, but you know, sometimes I hear that it is not applicable in the real world, and it is mainly because of time pressure. What I have understood from all my experience, if you skip the research part, you will most likely regret it later. So, no matter of time, all those models make sense and if one uses them as it is intended, it will always benefit the project.

Alumni Wisdom

Some advice I would like to pass on
The advice I could give to students would be, take it seriously, and just make efforts. If you like what you are learning, it could lead not only to a dream job but also to a passion of your life. There is nothing that you cannot do, just stay on track, and do your best, it will pay off.

To thrive for lifelong learning is for me one of the most essential traits of all human qualities. Learning something new is like another birth. You will not be the same.

And, one thing about design itself. Design is more about WHY, than HOW. Always strive to understand what the problem is you are going to solve with your design.

IBA Alumni, Maxim Paladii