January 2021

Ernő Berezvay


  • Ernő Berezvay
  • Education: Top-up in International Sales and Marketing Management
  • Graduated: January 2019
  • Current Job: Internal Project Manager at Siemens Gamesa 
  • Former employers and job positions: 
    Project Coordinator (1 year) and Student Support (2x 1 year) at Siemens Gamesa
  • Born: 1996
  • Nationality: Hungarian

IBA in five words

  • Practical
  • Connected
  • Holistic
  • Engaging
  • Insightful

Who am I 

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, back in 96, and I spent my childhood and teenage years there also. Obviously, this means Hungarian is my mother-tongue, although I use English mostly in my daily life. In addition, I used to learn Italian back in school, but unfortunately there is not much left of it besides a few terms. I also read and speak Danish on a basic level (Danskuddannelse 3 modul 3).

I lived in London for a year before moving to Denmark, mostly because I wanted to find my path in life, save some money, and practice a foreign language. I have been living in Kolding, Denmark since 2016 – time flies in Denmark!

My time at IBA

I always liked to learn, but I was a bit lost in terms of what to study. I heard about IBA from a friend who had studied there. I thought this might be the one. I wanted to have a practical education in the world of business.  It was important to me to learn not only the theory, but also the practical application of the various business models and knowledge. IBA seemed like a promising step at the time, and it turned out to be one! It was simply the greatest choice in my life.
The second factor was that I wanted to have a better life. While education is not the only way to score a ‘good job’, it certainly is one route there.

What I remember best from my time at IBA

It would not be fair to pick one particular memory because I had so many! I really liked Gitte Reeckmann Larsen’s and Albert Garland Elam’s financial classes. Even though Finance is a scary subject to some, Gitte and Albert found a way to make it fun and engaging. The same could be said about Henrik Baadsgaard Jensen’s Global Economy course. Perhaps one particular memory that stayed with me is Lene Ravn Rasmussen’s (Business Law teacher) approach to motivate students to be on time. Whenever somebody was late from her class, s/he needed to bring a cake to the entire class next time! You will learn that eating cake in Denmark is a national tradition – a cake for everything! I also have to mention one more person, specifically: Line Langkjær-Schuldt. She is the student counsellor at IBA, and the most heartful and supporting person I have ever met in my entire life (besides my mother, of course 😊).

IBA broadened my horizon on what is possible. We were introduced to many different subjects, models, and approaches in the business world, and it really gives perspective. For example, during my studies, I realised that I am most interested in organisations’ psychological aspects. More specifically, how do we work together to encourage more collaboration or better individual or group performance? Since I graduated from IBA, I have started a Psychology BSc to extend my knowledge in this area. I am close to graduation (Jun 2021), and already have the next step planned – Occupational Psychology MSc. While these degrees are not through IBA, I am forever indebted to IBA and all of its staff for showing me the endless possibilities of professional life.

My career path

I must begin with my student support positions parallel to my studies. While I was studying at IBA, I worked part-time at Siemens Gamesa in two different departments. I strongly encourage every student who reads this: apply to student positions while you are studying! It is the best way to extend your professional network, gain experience, and possibly show the company that you can handle a full-time job! 
I was fortunate to get a full-time job immediately after graduation at Siemens Gamesa. In fact, my full-time job was an extension of my internship at Siemens Gamesa, which was an extension of my previous student support position. I was hired to manage some of the digitalization initiatives in Offshore Sales and Project Engineering, mostly regarding report automation. It was and still is a fascinating place to work.

Since I graduated from IBA, I have worked in two different positions. First, in the digitalisation role mentioned earlier. Around a year ago, I moved into a support role for the Project Management department. My daily job primarily involves supporting our Project Management Community with their certifications and coaching; setting their training target; managing the annual competence assessment and development plan round; and supporting the management with reports.

A typical workday for me
Currently, my typical workday starts with a nice warm cup of coffee in my home office. I usually start working from 08.00; first starting with my mailbox and then looking at my task list. I mostly have my tasks allocated throughout the week, so I have an idea of what to focus on each day. Sometimes, it is an individual meeting preparing a Project Manager for his/her certification board; sometimes, it is a meeting with an external partner to organize training. It really depends on the period of the year, and what is in the pipeline at that moment. Every day is the same and different in some respect.

This is how I have used my education and competences from IBA

The greatest skill I learned at IBA is how to work in groups, more specifically, how to move from being ‘strangers’ to a successful project group. It is an invaluable skill in professional life. More and more companies are moving to project-based work, and one simply needs to find a way to cooperate with others. IBA is a great place to learn how to do that! Additionally, the models on change management helped me understand how people adapt to new things, be it a new tool or process. I can always revisit these materials before planning a workshop to remind myself of the different adaptation phases.

This is how my education from IBA has contributes to my success

As mentioned earlier, IBA broadened my perspective. I learned how to research specific questions and how to find solutions to commercial problems. IBA also provided me with a great network locally in Denmark and internationally. I also learned how to communicate and cooperate with different cultures and backgrounds and manage the workload as a team.

Alumni Wisdom

Some advice I would have liked to have
Use the support from IBA: Student Counsellors and the IBA Career people. Both departments can support your personal and professional growth! They can make a real difference in your life.

While some will say “you need to be lucky to get a job”, please always remember: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. You cannot be lucky if you cannot seize the opportunity due to unpreparedness. So, there is at least one element of luck, you can work on. Opportunities will follow!

Some advice I would like to pass on to new students
Apply for a student position in international organizations! It really is possible to 1) get a part-time job while studying; 2) manage the workload with work and school.

Always research the company where you are applying! If they are publicly traded, look at their annual statement. If they are not publicly stated but located in Denmark, the CVR database has some info on their financial situation. Sometimes even a simple Google search can help. Either way, be familiar with the place!

Do not stop developing yourself – IBA is not the end, but the beginning of your journey! Extend your knowledge with online learning, there are plenty of free platforms out there.

Understand the global trends to help position your learning and knowledge for what is needed in the future. Ask yourself the question: what is the future of certain industries? What skills and competencies will they need? Then create a plan on how to gain those skills and competencies.

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