March 2021

Elisa Carlotta Mamolo


  • Name: Elisa Carlotta Mamolo
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Education: AP degree in Multimedia design & communication at IBA and a Bachelor top-up in Web development  at BAAA
  • Graduated: June 2020
  • Current job: Junior IT Engineer at LEGO GROUP
  • Year of birth: 1994

Five words describing IBA

  • Multicultural
  • Supportive
  • Fun
  • International
  • Inclusive

Who am I

I was born in Milan in Italy and lived in a wonderful area surrounded by lakes and mountains. After completing high school, I needed some time to decide what to do in my life and eventually decided to move to the US where I have been an au pair and took care of four amazing kids. This experience led me to start an education and influenced my interest in approaching a web design education in English. When I went back to Italy at the end of the au pair year, I decided to apply for IBA’s Multimedia Design and Communication course and moved to Kolding just before the semester start.

My time at IBA

I looked for education in both Germany and Denmark but choose Denmark because of the possibility of getting the SU and being completely economically independent. I choose IBA because life here in Jutland is less expensive than in CPH. I came to Denmark to visit the school before applying and then decided to go for it.
My motivation was to continue practicing English while studying and practicing becoming a web designer.

What I best remember from my studies
I genuinely enjoyed the teamwork activities, and my favorite subject was interaction, but I also appreciated Morten's classes on Adobe programs. In general, it has been quite fun for me to go to classes with other international students.

IBA has been a great playground to learn how to work with other people from many different nationalities. This helped me become less shy and more open to sharing my thoughts with other classmates and people in general. It changed my attitude because, by gaining more experience and knowledge, I understood what my actual interest was.

Attending an AP Degree supplies enough knowledge to find a job but personally, I have decided to continue my education to go deeper in the web-development area, since I was not feeling prepared for a web developer position.

My career path

After graduating from IBA I started a Web development top-up course in BAAA because I would have had to wait half a year to do the same course in IBA.
I have been hired in LEGO, in the team where I have been an intern for the bachelor top-up project. This is my current role.

A typical workday for me
All days are quite different, we work in a team so there is a lot of communication going on, as well as time set aside for planning following the Agile framework and time for focusing on tasks.

Although my days are quite different, we have a fixed routine. So, my days start with a daily stand-up call where the team members share what they have been doing the previous day, the plan of the current day and any problems in reaching the sprint goal.

Before the stand-up call, I take some time to read emails and see the meetings of the day or following days, if I must prepare for those, I make sure to set aside some time in my calendar, then I do a to-do list of what I need to work on and prioritize it.

After or before the daily call I start developing, being a junior, I still have a lot to learn so I start developing the features and eventually reach out to colleagues for sharing my ideas for solving my tasks/issues and get some mentoring. We do this between juniors and seniors but also between seniors because we need to align and support each other to reach the sprint goal.

Now with the pandemic, we do not go often to the office but when we used to, we played table tennis and had some chat with colleagues. We give a lot of importance to having fun and we organize optional meetings where we share jokes, do quizzes, or simply have a coffee together.

This is how I have used my education and competences from IBA

I think IBA helped me find my path, I thought I was going to become a web designer and ended up being a frontend developer since my interest was lightened up with the interaction classes. I also thought about changing my education into a Computer Science AP or similar bachelor, but it was too late in my mind to change. Therefore, I decided to continue my education with a web development top-up.

Now, at my current position, I use the communication skills I have learned at IBA and strengthen it with the Computer Interface classes I had in the top-up. I definitely also use the teamwork skills and knowledge of the Agile framework.

This is how my education from IBA has contributed to my success

Studying at IBA helped me gain a lot of technical and practical skills that I have enforced with a top-up education, in general, it has provided the possibility to expand knowledge in different areas and therefore finding out what I enjoyed the most.

I have acquired skills in UX and user-centric design, as well as teamwork and Agile knowledge that helped in my student worker position and my current position. The main gain for me has been being more confident and not be afraid to fail, as well as the technical insights on important aspects of building a digital product.

Alumni Wisdom 

Some advice I would have liked to have had
I would have liked to know that studying at an academy does not provide all the knowledge required to attend all the master courses available and sometimes not even extra courses are enough to obtain the required ECTS.

Some advice I would like to pass on to new students

  • Build your portfolio from day one, you will see how significantly you have grown and you will not need to rush it when you’ll be occupied with exams while looking for an internship.
  • When working on school projects, try sometimes to be responsible for an area you are not highly skilled at and get some help from other students. You can do the same mentoring in an area where you are more experienced. You might discover a new interest.
  • Do not be afraid of asking questions, both in class and at work, your classmates or coworkers have probably the same question in mind or the same proposal.
  • When you are looking for an internship, do not hold back on calling the recruiters number and sending unsolicited applications. You never know how interested the person/company could be in your profile.
  • When applying to internships or jobs continue your search and try to have a plan B and eventually a plan C, which could be another position or another education, especially in this unpredictable pandemic time.
  • When attending an education do not be frightened to change and start from scratch, follow your interests, and try to discover what makes you feel happy and satisfied.
  • Use all the services IBA provides you from the student counsellor to counselling for finding an internship or online learning platforms.
  • When applying to working or student worker positions, do apply also if you do not have all the requirements, knowledge can be taught, you just need to have the right attitude.
  • We all know that marks are not as important as the learning curve, but they become important when and if you decide on proceeding with your education. Therefore, have fun, learn, but also keep an eye on your performance depending on what you are required by further educations.
  • If you have the time, try to attend Danish classes, it is an opportunity to meet new people and widen your network.

IBA Alumni, Elisa Carlotta Mamolo