October 2020

Andrei-Liviu Grigoriciuc


  • Name: Andrei-Liviu Grigoriciuc
  • Education: Top-up in International Sales and Marketing Management
  • Graduated: January 2017
  • Current Job: as Tender Manager and Sales Control at GEODIS WILSON DENMARK A/S 
  • Former employers and job positions: Global Logistics Analyst at EMERSON ELECTRIC CO. 
  • Born: 1993
  • Nationality: Romanian

IBA in five words

  • Experienced teachers
  • International environment
  • Modern facility
  • Encouraged to explore
  • Best decision ever


Who am I

I was born in Suceava, a city which is on the north-eastern side of Romania, in the historical region of Bukovina.

Before becoming an international student at IBA – International Business Academy, my story starts in Dărmănești, a place in the countryside, not far from Suceava. It is the place where I grew up and started my studies.

Following the Economic College “Dimitrie Cantemir”, while studying Commerce and Economic Activities program, it aroused my interest and made me better understand business activities.

Once I arrived in Kolding, I felt exposed to the world, everything was new to me, new city, new people, new school, a new language, and a different culture. Besides this, I did not know anyone and the very first person I met was Claire Dorking which introduced me to new people. From there I started to get to know other people, participate in different events and start on creating our community of international students.

At the very beginning, I started to learn how to become independent when it comes to how to take care of myself, how to make food, stay clean, and how to cover my expenses. I had no choice! 

My time at IBA

When I applied to study abroad, I was interested to move into a medium-sized city, and it was mainly due to the high expenses that I expected to have if I was choosing Aarhus or Copenhagen (I wasn’t ready for those). IBA’s offer was interesting because it is situated in a triangle composed by Vejle-Fredericia and Kolding, around which you can find some of the biggest Danish companies and the international environment.

When I was in high school, I wasn’t one of the best students in my class but closely following them. The fact that I was about to study aboard made me dream that I can do more than what I thought I could do until that point. This is how I started my application for occupying a study place at IBA. Self-ambition and the motivation have been the key factors that made me start the application. My parent didn’t know that I was accepted to IBA until I started to pack my luggage.

What I best remember from my time at IBA
One of the best memories during my studies at IBA is related to the community, either we talk about the activities we have had out of classes hours but also the time we spent on different projects which have created the connection in between us.

My strongest memory I have had at IBA, along many, was during “GoBudy Entrepreneurship weekend” when we had to work on something already existing and add plus value or create something from scratch and present our entrepreneurial ideas to the board, and they would select the most innovative ideas. Another very interesting memory that I have happened in the 5th semester when we had to be part of a business simulation case, I cannot remember the name of that simulator but it involved many subjects such as Product Development, Marketing, understanding Finance and statistics but also having long term vision and customer needs. The simulator was a great experience which put us into "real shoes".

IBA Changed my perspective
I was an ambitious man even before attending IBA or moving to Denmark. The fact that I was part of this environment and being in Denmark at IBA have changed my perspective about life and made me dream that I am capable of anything. I have become more open to different opinions and easy on accepting culture differences and developing the competitive ”dog” I have inside me.

My Career Path

It was obviously that I was about to become an entrepreneur. Right after I finished my Bachelor Thesis I tried to put in practice the written thesis and I started working at “Nordic Education Agency” which was destinated to help the students to follow the same path I had been following since high school. Unfortunately, it was not the right moment to do it as Denmark was confronting the highest number of international students and low amount of student grands,  the outcome was therefore to cut the number of study places for international students

AUGUST 2018 - After the unsuccess story of being an entrepreneur, 6 months after my graduation, I accepted the role of going home for a 12 months contract with Emerson Electric Co. Emerson Electric Co. is one of the top 200 Forbes companies in the world as Regional Logistics Analyst for Ocean Mode and back up for different the other modes. Shortly after that, due to internal promotions I had the chance to step up and get more responsibility. By the beginning of December, I had already the training for becoming the Global Logistics Analyst for Ocean mode and assistant for Global Air Freight mode. Things have been following the right path and my main responsibility was to provide our business units a solution at reasonable price following the right service for small projects ranging from 1.000 USD to 100.000 USD but also the big and main project of which value is estimated around 10.000.000 USD.

September 2019 – I started a new chapter as Tender Manager at Geodis Wilson in Kastrup, Copenhagen. In the beginning my main responsibility was to make offers to our customers in Denmark and lead the Tender Process. In the meantime, the role has been changed and I became responsible for Sales Control, Contract Procedure Process and soon Budgeting. I feel grateful for having the trust of Geodis top management team.

A typical workday for me
Usually, I like being up before 7:00 in the morning and I check my emails before going into the office. My typical workday really depends on which tasks I am working on, but different topics allow me to start the day in different modes. When I have a pending tender on my desk, I must carefully check the tender material and the volume analysis and prepare all the requirements that a customer has for the internal meeting with our products heads. The tender process starts from getting to know and to understand the customer, I might have calls with the customer if there is something unclear in the tender material or we have questions from the operation side or product heads.

This is how my education from IBA has contributed to my success

The time I have spent at IBA has developed and contributed to build the base of knowledge which is essential for successfully doing my current role at Geodis. From being professional in business communication to tasks management, understand finance and customer behavior but also considering the statistics and ethics classes I had, all together are contributing to my little success and keeps me at this level. Also, I would like to underline the competition we had at IBA and all the business cases where we worked as team made me understand how important is to consider other opinions and constructing a Lego puzzle to solve a specific problem.

This is how I have used my education and competences from IBA

I would say that most of the things I have learned during my studies at IBA are the things I am using on daily basis at work but also in personal life. For me it’s very important to accept any challenge and make the best out of each opportunity.

Alumni Wisdom

Some advice I would have liked to have had earlier
Probably, I would have liked to have someone telling me that the language is one of the most important factors that would have helped me to better integrate in the society and to be less shy when it comes to activity in the classes. If I would have the power to go back in time and follow the same path, I would have been more visible and worked harder to be one of the best students in my program.

Some advice I would like to pass on 
First, I would suggest every new student to find a part-time job which will allow them to have enough financial resources (through SU Grand + Part time salary) to support their monthly expenses, focus on school and at the same time to take the Danish classes.

Secondly, take it very seriously when the internship semester is coming. There are many internship companies which could bring plus value for their future career.

Also, I would like every student to dedicate themselves to studies, even if e.g. Business Law or Ethics seem not to be important, in the real world they are extremely important. Enjoy the time at IBA and remember that it’s a unique time which won’t come back. Remember to have fun. 

IBA Alumni, Andrei-Liviu Grigoriciuc